In the runup to Tuesday's midterm elections, President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama have made speeches throughout the country to rally voters in an increasingly fractured political landscape.

Both Trump and Obama have spoken to large crowds, emphasizing key party platforms.

In stops in Georgia and Tennesse over the weekend, Trump touted the economy and job growth, while emphasizing that a Democratic majority in Congress could undermine his immigration policy.

Obama, meanwhile, visited Indiana and his home state of Illinois, where he accused Trump of "fear-mongering" about Central American migrants potentially heading towards the U.S.-Mexico border. He criticized Trump and Republicans for repeating false information about repealing Obamacare’s protection of pre-existing conditions. He told audiences that "America is at a crossroads" and that "the character of our country is on the ballot."

Trump’s rally schedule focused on getting Republican voters to the polls in the states he won in 2016.

Both Trump and Obama visited Florida and Georgia over the weekend. The two states have high-profile and critical governor’s races. Democrats Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Andrew Gillum of Florida, are challenging Republicans Brian Kemp of Georgia and former Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis.

In Florida’s U.S. Senate race, Democrat Bill Nelson has a 4-point lead over Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Trump cast doubt on the possibility of a “blue wave” that could potentially mean Democrats control the House and Senate.

“But you better get out and vote,” he said. “Otherwise I’m going to look very bad with this statement.”

Obama focused on turning out African-American voters for Sen. Joe Donnelly in Gary, Indiana. He also visited his hometown of Chicago, where Democrats hope to defeat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and win several House seats.

In Indiana, Obama told supporters, “Don’t be hoodwinked. Don’t be bamboozled. Don’t let them run the okey-doke on you.”

"Because while they are trying to distract you with all this stuff, they are robbing you blind," Obama said. "They'll be like: 'Look, look, look! Caravan, caravan!' Then they're giving tax cuts to their billionaire friends. 'Look, look, look! And then they're sabotaging your health care. You can't fall for it."

"They promised they were gonna take on corruption in Washington. Instead, they've racked up enough indictments to field a football team," Obama said.

Trump has predicted Republicans will do well in the House races, and “really well” in the Senate.

According to a new CNN Poll, Democrats continue to cling to a double-digit lead over Republicans, 55 percent to 42 percent.

Democrats are expected to achieve “major” gains in the House, where the GOP has 236 seats compared to the Democrats' 193. It’s also expected that Democrats win back governors’ offices and state legislatures.