Articles by Walt Osterman

What Bill Clinton Said To Shimon Peres In Israel

Former President Bill Clinton was in Israel last week to accept the Presidential Medal of Distinction, Israel’s highest honor, from Israeli President Shimon Peres, who also happened to be celebrating his 90th birthday (two months before the actual date). What did our former chief executive say to this man who escaped the Holocaust by immigrating to Israel in 1932? What would could one say to a man who heard that every member of his family who stayed in Poland was murdered by the Nazis? What would you say to a man who has served his country both in the military and government for decades? What would any decent human being say to a man who is the oldest living president of one of the world’s most productive democratic republics, one which happens to surrounded by hundreds of millions of people who wish her total destruction, and makes no bones about it?
Fiscal Cliff Meeting At White House

The Fiscal Cliff: Trying To Make Sense Of Nonsense

Because there are 24 hours in each day, with hour and half-hour reports broadcast from radio stations from coast to coast, commentators are able to say the words “fiscal cliff” at least 48 times every day.
Uncle Sam's Taxes

Why Americans Will Never Have A Flat Tax

America’s politicians love the imponderable maze that is our tax system. It allows each man and woman in office to constantly berate those who don’t pay their fair share, whatever group that happens to be at the moment.
Israel Netanyahu

Israel's Gloves Are Off

The summer is past and cooler temperatures prevail throughout the Middle East. What a season for a good fight.
Obama And Congressional Leadership

Taxpayers: Sharing The Misery

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu

Why Doesn’t Israel Strike?

For several months now, political pundits around the globe have been speculating on when Israel would take some kind of military action against the nuclear sites in Iran. Israel may indeed attack. But even if she does, Iran will not be significantly injured.
Game: Texas Hold'em Poker

The Problem With Wealth Distribution

The very real, inherent problem with wealth distribution is the insatiable wants of the recipients versus the finite resources of the donors. Eventually everyone ends up broke; no one is too big to fail.
U.S. National Debt

It's Not Our Debt, So Let's Not Pay It

During my many years of following American political thought, one overwhelming truth has emerged: There is nothing as powerful as an idea (be it intelligent or stupid) whose time has come.
Portraits of North Korea's President KimJong-Il, Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir, Chad's President Idriss Deby and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are seen painted on concrete blocks from the Berlin wall in Berlin

Why Are We Choosing Socialism?

America is in the process of embracing certain failure. We have a president who appears enraptured by the European economic model as Europeans themselves are facing the reality of its ashes and despair.
Delegate of Neturei Karta waves a Palestinian flag at rally in solidarity with Hezbollah and Palestinian factions for a "Global March to Jerusalem" to mark Land Day in Arnoun village

Why Throw Israel Under The Bus?

Determining why the nations of the world are throwing Israeli Jews under the bus is an easy call. Most of the countries with abundant oil reserves are predominantly Muslim.
A boy jumps over a puddle during a Tea Party Patriots rally in Washington

Slavery Returning To America

Ronald Reagan used to refer to America as a “city on a hill.” He was right; America (at her zenith) was a beacon to the world.