Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign event in Mesa
Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign event in Mesa, Arizona February 13, 2012. REUTERS

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will have a massive problem after he receives headship of the Republican Party: defeating President Barack Obama.

There are certain things that the former liberal governor of Massachusetts cannot do, even though he is scheduled to become a god of his own planet after his death.

1) Mitt cannot excite middle-of-the-road voters. He's a yawner.

2) He cannot ignite a passion in America's youth. Romney has no vision for America's future.

3) He cannot, and voters will clearly get the message by November, legitimately attack Obamacare. His Romneycare is bankrupting Massachusetts.

4) He cannot fix Social Security. Notice he never talks about it? He loses the elderly.

5) Mitt cannot shake -- because it's true -- his image as a top 1 percent, ultra-rich, pampered, under-taxed white guy. He loses blacks and Hispanics. Struggling middle-class Americans will also not pull the lever next to his name.

6) Mitt has no chance of becoming president. He is a misguided legend in his own mind. Because he is ultra-rich, and surrounds himself with yes-men, he never hears the truth.

Our leftist media must throw nightly, clandestine parties (and drink themselves into stupors) as they congratulate each other on once again fooling Republican primary voters by convincing them Romney has a chance. Most Democrats are self-serving, Constitution-hating, tax-increasing demagogues. But Republicans are stupid.

Romney will win Utah and Wyoming. Every other state is either in Obama's pocket or up for grabs. Republicans should expect a bloodbath at the November polls. They will not even come close to winning the White House, and they will lose 53 seats in the House and eight in the Senate.

Obama's future two or three Supreme Court appointees (ultra-leftists all) will have the privilege of bastardizing our beautiful Constitution until the 2040s or 50s. The only political advice I repeatedly give my kids and grandkids is to leave the country. All is lost.

Whenever Republicans present clear, constitutionally-correct, common-sense ideas to the American people, they win. To hell with the media; see Ronald Reagan. Whenever Republicans believe the lies in the press and on TV, and modify their messages to please whoever the heck they think they will, they lose. Badly.

I really want to be wrong, but every sign I'm looking at shouts to me that our badly-listing Titanic government sinks in November.

Walt Osterman is the author of Not Home Yet: A Tale Concerning Israel's Rebirth. He served in Vietnam and is a Bronze Star recipient. He lives in Wyoming.