There is an old adage: Even in the warmest of hearts, there's a cold spot for the Jews.

Just yesterday, Russia warned Israel not to strike Iran. Iran's government, feeling its oats, responded by threatening to attack Israel preemptively. And President Barack Obama has turned his gaze elsewhere. Americans have historically been Israel's No. 1 ally, but that no longer appears to be the situation.

Why the cold shoulder?

Well, the world is in a serious economic malaise. Greece's certain default will plunge the European Union, and world markets in general, into chaos. Somehow, I don't know why, some claim Greece's problem has Israeli fingerprints. But of course I know why: Many international bankers are Jews. Unrefined oil prices are about ready to go through the roof -- $5 a gallon gasoline is a future certainty. Again, that's Israel's fault. 

Maybe Bill Clinton was right. It is the economy, stupid.    

Why don't those thick-headed Israelis simply capitulate? If they do, flowers will bloom, clouds will vanish, and gasoline will remain reasonably priced. After all, the issue only involves their survival. 

Many older Israelis have tattoos on their arms as the result of a diabolical plan implemented by a tyrant who publicly called for their extermination. And, oh, yes, the world looked the other way then, too. Why don't those Jews do something to help the world instead of constantly causing problems?

I am not a Jew, but I do remember the very first children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who I ever heard of: Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Albert Sabin. Up until the 1950s, a horrible disease ravaged America. During the summers of 1952 and 1953 beaches were sparsely populated from late June through early September. Folks were afraid to go shopping or to attend any public gathering. Schools in Massachusetts and throughout New England remained closed until the number of new polio cases was less than 100 per day. The only viable remedy for severely stricken people was an iron lung. An invisible, malevolent killer was stalking America, arbitrarily selecting victims regardless of age, gender, race, or location.    

It didn't take long before fearful cries went out demanding a vaccine to stop the scourge. College medical teams, government researchers, and pharmaceutical experts toiled tirelessly to discover a cure. 

Finally, two Jewish doctors, true American heroes, independently developed effective vaccines. Dr. Salk's vaccine was administered with a needle, whereas Dr. Sabin's was given orally. The debt that Americans and the world's folks owe to these two Jews is immeasurable.

Jews have greatly enriched a spiteful, persecuting world with gifts in medicine, agriculture, education, and many other fields, not to mention the arts.

Although all Israelis yearn for is peace, there is one thing they must understand: Human beings have a very annoying habit of having to eat three times a day and of having to pay a plethora of bills monthly. The economy is important.

Given the choice between feeding their kids and supporting Israel, the average world citizen will side with the children.

Walt Osterman is the author of Not Home Yet: A Tale Concerning Israel's Rebirth. He served in Vietnam and is a Bronze Star recipient. He lives in Wyoming.