Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Some Americans, those of us who are lucky enough to still have jobs, are going to find out the meaning of that quote in spades. Apparently, the Washington crowd has decided to share the burden. They will take care of the banks, and the working taxpayers will take care of their unemployed/needy fellow Americans.

Naturally, those of us who take home paychecks are greedy. We want a better way of life for ourselves and our families. We want better homes, more material comforts and the ability to send our kids to fine universities someday. What small-minded, selfish thinking that is, especially when there are millions in need.

Enter Big Brother. Democratic politicians may give just a tiny fraction (if anything) of their own personal incomes to charity, but it is their lifelong goal to strip you of your wealth and redistribute it to those less fortunate.

Ergo, taxes must go up. Whereas President Barack Obama's administration, through the Fed, can give hundreds of billions of dollars to banks (by simply creating the funds out of air), we taxpayers must give more and more and more and more of our hard-earned incomes to fat cat Washington bureaucrats. When will it stop? Only when there is no more to give, just as Thatcher said.

Here is the game, and Democrats got the message, loud and clear, just a few days ago. Millions of
Catholics, who may not share Obama’s gay marriage or abortion beliefs, voted for him -- because they were needy and were relying on Uncle Sam.

Likewise, millions of formally working, conservative, middle-class homeowners, who are no longer working, conservative or home-owners, voted for Obama. Why? They need a government check so they can feed their kids. We humans have a nasty habit of having to eat two or three times a day.

After the Civil War ended, nearly all of the former slaves stayed on the plantations. There was food and shelter there. The outside world presented risks, multiple unknowns and possible failure. So the former slaves stayed put, where they were comfortable and understood the rules.

The Democratic Party knows that if everyone is reduced to needing government assistance for survival, nearly everyone will vote for them. And the party is perfectly capable of reducing everyone to poverty status.

The Social Security problem has a simple solution: Kill the elderly. Denying needed care might not do it all, but additional laws and court decisions could do the trick. Just as the elderly (when they were younger) were convinced of the need to kill one-third of their unborn children, their surviving offspring could now return the favor.

We Americans have an ever-growing behemoth that can’t be fed enough to satisfy its appetite. Good Democrats know, as my barber told me just a few days ago, “Obama means well, but he has such a heavy burden because George W. Bush really messed things up.”

I should have known; it’s all George’s fault.

We taxpayers simply need to shut up, recognize the real culprit and send in those increased taxes.

Walt Osterman is the author of "Not Home Yet: A Tale Concerning Israel's Rebirth." He served in Vietnam and is a Bronze Star recipient. He lives in Wyoming.