“DOTA 2” is about to have some unexpected guests, as it was announced that there would be a new “Rick and Morty” announcer pack coming to the game, featuring the protagonists from the popular Adult Swim television series. The crossover is a very interesting one, as “DOTA 2” is mostly known for its real-time strategy (RTS) elements and fantasy lore, while “Rick and Morty” is steeped heavily in the realm of science fiction.

Fans will be able to pick up the “Rick and Morty” announcer pack on the official store of “DOTA 2.” The commentary from the two characters should please fans of the series as the characters constantly bicker and panic over the game’s events and super moves, as can be seen from the video below.

The timing for the announcer pack is quite timely, as “Rick and Morty” is currently in its second season. Furthermore, the series has already been green-lighted for a third season, which proves that the series has managed to gain quite a following despite only debuting in 2013.

It is quite clear that the relationship between the two characters is a darker version of the one seen in “Back to the Future,” as pointed out by Polygon. Rick seems to be a version of Doc Brown, who just happens to be an alcoholic, while Morty is a more cowardly version of Marty McFly. Furthermore, both characters have been involved in time travel and alternate dimension hopping.

Humorously, both characters seem to have a hard time calling the action seen in “DOTA 2” as Rick and Morty seem to argue constantly. Morty even gets mortified over certain finishing moves, resulting in Rick trying to calm him down. The only thing missing seems to be the constant burps from Rick, a trait that has made him very popular in the animated series.

Fans of the show or those who want to hear humorous commentary can pick up the announcer pack right now for $7.99. “DOTA 2” is currently available on retail stores and Steam for those who want a digital copy of the game. “Rick and Morty” can currently be seen in Cartoon Network as part of its Adult Swim content.

Rick and Morty Announcer Pack for DOTA 2 available now (Credit: YouTube/Adult Swim)