This week sees teams from across the world battle it out for their share of over $18 million in the “DotA 2” International Championship, also known as Ti5. With millions of viewers tuning in worldwide developer Valve is already planning its next move – the “DotA 2” Major Championships.

The seasonal competition will be held in Europe later this year, Valve’s Erik Johnson told IGN at Ti5. Although he wouldn’t specify the country or venue yet in case there are changes.

“We’re excited about the Majors because it’ll be a really healthy thing for the competitive scene,” said Johnson, before adding that Valve will not be as involved as it is with Ti5 - much of the planning and management of the Major Championships is handled by external partners.

“Expect it to be a super cool event with all the best teams in the world, same as The International,” said Johnson. “But don’t expect there to be four Internationals a year.”

The “DotA 2” ("Death of The Ancients)"Ti5 competition is being held in Seattle from August 3-8, and is being streamed on video streaming platform Twitch.

No doubt more information about the upcoming Major Championships will be announced by Valve soon, most likely after Ti5 has wrapped up on Saturday.