The rioting that trembled London over the weekend has spread to at least eight new districts on Monday and Tuesday, including cities of Liverpool and Birmingham, Britain's second-largest city.

The rioting, which has turned out to be the worst outburst of social unrest in Britain in 25 years, has touched several other cities, including Nottingham and Bristol. It has also engulfed three towns in the county of Kent, located in southeast of the capital, New York Times reported.

According to police and the British media, it's a "copycat riot", in which masked youth began looting retail shops in the center of the city. They also attacked the new Bullring shopping complex.

Police said that there were a "number of isolated outbreaks of disorder" in Liverpool that includes the familiar trademarks of the London rioters, namely burning cars and broken windows.

According to news reports, there was a dramatic rise in household burglaries on Tuesday. Due to the upsurge, two major soccer matches in London - including an international match between England and Holland - were likely to be postponed, sports authorities said.

On Saturday, some angry citizens of Tottenham marched to police headquarters to protest the shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan. The incident led to the rioting and looting, which later spread to Hackney, Peckham and Lewisham on Monday afternoon. By nightfall, it reached reached the neighborhoods of Ealing, Camden and Croydon by nightfall.

Reports said that at least 215 people have been arrested in London so far, while at least 27 have been charged. Over 35 police officers have been injured.