Ahead of the release of President Barack Obama's much-anticipated re-election campaign documentary on Thursday, Republicans crafted a visual response.

The Republican National Committee created a mock poster criticizing The Road We've Traveled, a 17-minute campaign promo directed by Oscar-winning Davis Guggenheim aimed at highlighting the president's successes in office.

After Four Years, The Only Bad Thing They Found About Their Time in Office Was The It Was Just Too Good, reads the poster. The statement a jab at comments made by Guggenheim to Piers Morgan on CNN last week, in which he said the only negative he found in Obama was that there were too many accomplishments.

The GOP image also renames the movie The Road We've Traveled (wasn't shovel-ready and it wasn't even paid for) and says it is not starring 13 million unemployed Americans, three record deficits and a coherent energy policy.

Republicans have (predictably) been giving the video bad reviews since the Obama campaign began dropping dramatic trailers a couple of weeks ago.

The American people don't need a movie trailer or a 17-minute documentary to know what the president accomplished over the past three years, RNC spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski told CNN. Unfortunately Americans feel Obama's accomplishments each and every day after President Obama led our country to higher unemployment, record debt, and higher gas prices.

The movie will be narrated by Tom Hanks and appears to be focused on how the president responded to the financial crises he inherited, near-collapse of the auto industry and his political struggle to pass his health care mandate. A segment will also be dedicated to the mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

(h/t Buzzfeed)