Rocket League
Psyonix is rolling out a new patch for “Rocket League.” Rocket League website

Psyonix is finally rolling out the Tournaments Update, also known as patch v1.43, for “Rocket League.” The update brings a lot of new content, changes and fixes that enhance the user experience of the vehicular soccer video game.

The patch notes for v1.43, which was published on Tuesday, reveal all of the tweaks and modifications the developer made for the game. The notes also list all of the new items that players will find in the game once they have installed the Tournaments Update.

Part of the new content that’s been added to “Rocket League” are the new country flags. Players will now see the flags of Brunei, Monaco, Nauru and Tuvalu when they play the game. Aside from country flags, the patch also comes with Monstercat Flags that include Anna Yvette, Intercom, Koven, Pegboard Nerds, Protostar, Slippy, Stonebank, Uncaged and Uncaged Cat.

With the new update, players can now create and join Tournaments via the Main Menu. They simply need to select Play and then tap on Tournaments to access the Tournaments Menu. Players should know that Tournaments require a minimum of eight teams and a maximum of 128 teams. Also, team members must be in a party to register for a specific tournament. Cross-platform tournaments are enabled, so users of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC machines could all gather in one tournament.

The update also benefits Nintendo Switch users, for it comes with a number of improvements that are specific to Nintendo’s newest console. According to VentureBeat, v1.43 brings major visual and performance upgrades to the Switch. For example, the game now runs at 720p in handheld mode, up from 576p. In docked mode, the resolution climbs up to 900p from the previous maximum resolution of 720p.

Psyonix is also giving Switch users a new option to modify the video settings of the game. The new Video Quality option allows users to choose between performance or quality. Should they choose the former, they will notice the framerate to hit 60fps with a dynamic resolution. Choosing quality, on the other hand, will not only turn up the game’s resolution, but also turn on lens flare, light shafts and dynamic shadows.

As previously reported by IBTimes, the new update comes with a Chat Ban system that restricts banned players from accessing the chat feature in online play. Psyonix said this new system is its answer to players who use abusive language and display toxic behavior in chats. The developer also stated that it is hoping for the Chat Ban system to help curb player abuse and harassment in “Rocket League.”