Relatives of Palestinians, whom hospital officials said were wounded by an Israeli air strike, cry at a hospital in Gaza City August 19, 2014. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Rockets flew over Tel Aviv Tuesday when Hamas attempted to launch an attack on Ben Gurion Airport, clearly signaling the end to Monday’s 24-hour cease-fire extension. In the hours following the collapse, Israeli airstrikes on Gaza killed a woman and a 2-year-old girl.

Although rockets from Gaza had hit Tel Aviv in July, at least one in this particular barrage managed to avoid the Iron Dome, most probably because of the increased number of rockets fired. One rocket landed in an open area in Tel Aviv and another was intercepted over Jerusalem the Israeli army said in a statement.

Israel has instructed civilians to keep bomb shelters open at least 25 miles from the strip, in response to Hamas’ increased rocket fire. Shelters had been closed for the last week due to a lull in fighting.

Hamas said it fired more than 50 rockets into Israel so far, but denied knowing of any missile launches before the end of the cease-fire. Palestinians claim Israel has conducted at least 35 airstrikes since the cease-fire collapsed. There have been no injuries or damages reported in Israel.

The cease-fire negotiations, however, came to a standstill as the Israeli delegation in Cairo was called back to Israel, Haaretz reported. "The talks have been suspended unofficially," said Qais Abdel Karim of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who was part of the Palestinian delegation.

The Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam, Hamas’ military wing, claimed responsibility for the Tel Aviv attacks on its Twitter account, and said the rockets were aimed at the Tel Aviv airport. Minutes before the cease-fire was set to end, three rockets were fired into Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the Israeli military to resume attacking the Gaza Strip.

At least 2,019 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began its “Operation Protective Edge” nearly two months ago. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and three civilians have died in Israel.