The story of an abandoned baby boy left in a sewage pipe of an apartment building in China, after apparently being flushed down the toilet, has made headlines across the world. News of the miraculous survival of the unnamed newborn baby, now dubbed Baby 59, after his hospital incubator, even reached a soccer player in Romania.

Adrian Mutu Former Chelsea FC player and current AC Ajaccio forward says he and his wife want to adopt China's now famous 'Baby 59' who was found in a sewage pipe. Photo: Reuters/ Tony Gentile

According to a report in the Guardian, a former Chelsea Football Club forward, Adrian Mutu, was deeply affected by the story, telling Romanian television news that he wanted to adopt the baby that was saved from the sewage pipe in China. “I couldn’t figure out how to carry on living, how to eat my breakfast when I saw this story on TV. He’s a special child,” he said. “When I saw the baby I said, ‘I must adopt him, he has been sent to me by God.’”

The current forward for AC Ajaccio, and father of three children of his own, told Romania’s ProTV that he had discussed a plan with his wife, Consuelo, and would go ahead with adoption plans if some kind of legal agreement could be met between various parties, including the governments of China and Romania, as well as the baby's grandparents, who have custody of the infant.

Thus, unfortunately for Mutu, aside from the legal custody of the child's grandparents, an adoption may prove to be difficult, as Romania is not on the list of 17 nations whose citizens are allowed to adopt from China.

Still, Mutu seems passionate about pursuing the adoption. Even though he had never thought about adopting previously, some kind of higher calling is telling him to proceed. “I never thought I would adopt a baby, I had no plan concerning that, but I just know: I have to help this one. Just look at this poor little fellow. He made such a strong impression on me. I told my wife we have to help him, we have to do everything we can.”

The baby’s 22-year-old mother has since come forward anonymously, saying that she kept her pregnancy a secret after the biological father refused to support her, also claiming that she could not afford an abortion to terminate the pregnancy. Though the child sustained cuts and bruising, he is in stable condition.