'Doing Fine'? Democrats and Republicans Both Guilty of Twisting Each Others Words
Romney is taking advantage of the controversy surrounding Obamacare. REUTERS/Benjamin Myers

While Mitt Romney's more than $200 million fortune does not matter to a majority of voters, the presumptive presidential candidate on the Republican ticketcould lose one in five voters because of his wealth.

A Gallup poll released Thursday showed that 20 percent of voters are less likely to vote Romney into the White House because he is rich.

The poll surveyed 873 random registered voters, with a 4 percent margin of error. It comes at a time when President Barack Obama's campaign has been attacking Romney's wealth, his offshore bank accounts, and his failure to release his tax returns.

Independents, who will carry weight in an election that seems headed to a close race according to polls, are also less likely to vote for Romney because of his affluence. 19 percent said chances are they won't, compared to 4 percent who said they are more likely to do so because of that very fact.

Those who are just making enough to get by are also turned off by Romney's wealth, as voters making under $24,000 look at him negatively, as opposed to those with higher incomes, the poll shows.

Smartphone Users Favor Obama

In another poll looking at a somewhat unusual aspect of the electorate, more smartphone users said they would vote for Obama should the presidential election be held today (49 percent) than for Romney (31 percent). That's according to a new poll by Harris Interactive. It surveyed almost 800 iPhone and Android users.

Some 54 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 34 said they would give Obama their vote, according to the survey, which also found that smartphone owners with college degrees also support Obama 56 to 35 over Romney.

The president is also more loved among women iPhone and Android users between 18 and 34. Sixty percent would vote for him compared to 39 percent of women over 45, the poll showed as reported by the New York Daily News.