Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks during the Iowa debate.
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks during the Iowa debate, Aug. 11, 2011. Reuters

One dire Ron Paul fan may feel that he's been dissed by his political hero.

Robert Morrow, a self-employed investor based in Austin, Texas, placed a disparaging ad targeting Gov. Rick Perry in the Austin Chronicle last week that contained a huge headline reading, Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?

The ad, sponsored by the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy (CASH) - of which Morrow is president - aims to exploit Perry's sexual history by recruiting, a stripper, an escort or just a 'young hottie' who may have engaged in a sexual relationship with the family-values Republican.

While there is no evidence that Perry has had extramarital affairs, Morrow has written a statement where he claims to have been in contact with Austin-area strippers who allegedly said they had engaged in sexual activity with the Governor.

When asked about the ad during a segment on Fox News last week, Paul dismissed the ad as silly and even attacked the program for bringing more attention to the incident.

How can this be a significant issue in a presidential race? Paul asked, adding that the issue had not been discussed among his campaign staff.

When asked if he would encourage Morrow to stop identifying himself as a Paul supporter, the congressman replied that he would not give the story credibility by discussing the issue.

Morrow expanded on his Perry accusations last week in an interview with The Steve Gill Show, a conservative talk show based in Tennessee. In the interview, Morrow once again stated that he has spoken with strippers and escorts who claim Perry abuses cocaine and paid four-figure amounts for their services.