The situation in Crimea has sparked protests and rallies on the ground and across Eastern Europe. Like the sentiments within Ukraine, support is split and the situation is not quite as black and white as it first appears.

Here are photos from around Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Russia that show just how divided opinions are in the region. First we see pro-Russian support in Crimea, ranging from "self-defence units" to pro-Russian DJ spinning to a crowd outside a Crimean regional government headquarter. Pro-Russian support is high in Crimea, where a majority of residents are Russian speakers and identify as Russian. Many welcome Russian troops.

We also see the aftermath of clashes between pro-Russian and pro-West supporters in Kharkiv in northeast Ukraine.

Pro-European supporters again rally in Kiev's Independence Square to show support for the rest of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. We also see a anti-violence protester being taken away by Russian police in Moscow, where a smaller contingent of protesters are urging Putin and Moscow to avoid the use of force.

Lastly we see Polish protesters outside the Russian embassy in Warsaw, clearly criticizing Russia's recent aggression.

All photos courtesy of Reuters.