A building burns after shelling in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, the focus of the heaviest fighting in Ukraine in November and December


  • Zelensky called on Ukrainians to familiarize themselves with the locations of 'points of invincibility'
  • Ukrainian energy minister German Galushchenko also echoed Zelensky's warning
  • At least nine million Ukrainians did not have electricity as of Monday evening

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Russia could launch another series of attacks on Ukraine's electrical grids, which would lead to power outages by the New Year.

In his Sunday speech, Zelensky also called on Ukrainians to familiarize themselves with the locations of "points of invincibility" where they can get heating, electrical and natural gas utilities amid the expected blackouts.

"There are only a few days left this year. We must be aware that our enemy will try to make this time dark and difficult for us. Russia lost everything it could this year. But it is trying to compensate for its losses with the gloating of its propagandists after the missile strikes at our country, at our energy sector," the Ukrainian leader said in his speech.

"I know that the darkness will not prevent us from leading the occupiers to their new defeats. But we have to be ready for any scenario. Please pay attention to air alarms these days. Search again and remember where the nearest Point of Invincibility is located," he added.

Zelensky's warning was later echoed by German Galushchenko, the Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

"The Russians have not given up on attacking the power system. They are sticking to certain dates. And maybe the New Year is one of those dates when they will try to damage our power system as much as possible," Galushchenko said during a national telecast, as quoted by Ukrinform.

Galushchenko, however, noted that Ukrainians could count on several days of uninterrupted energy supply during the New Year's holiday if the Russian army does not launch more massive missile strikes.

Throughout the past months, Russian forces have fired volleys of cruise missiles and drones targeting critical Ukrainian infrastructure. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov previously admitted that Moscow was bombing energy facilities to cause widespread blackouts and force Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.

On Saturday, Russia shelled the Kherson region 71 times, destroying civilian buildings, killing 16 Ukrainian civilians and injuring 64 others, according to CNN.

As of Monday evening, at least nine million Ukrainian civilians remain without electricity.

Ukraine is facing frequent power cuts following Russian strikes