The public recently got a rare chance to take in a Russian tank with a memorable name. The Russian-made BMPT-72 tank -- commonly dubbed the Terminator 2 -- was one of the lead attractions at the Army-2015 International Military Technical Forum that recently finished up outside of Moscow, according to Sputnik News.

A new, modernized version of the BMPT tank was on display at the expo. It reportedly became a must-see vehicle, considering the tank has rarely been shown off to the public, Russian television channel Zvezda reported, according to Sputnik. The tank, developed by Russian company Uralvagonzavod Corporation, is a multipurpose tank support combat vehicle with a number of weapons systems capable of taking out infantry vehicles, tanks, other armored objects and helicopters. 

The tank is not short on weapons options. "The BMPT-72 is unique in featuring a variety of weapons, from rapid-fire guns to grenade launchers, which is why fighting enemy armored vehicles and manpower is an easy task for the Terminator-2," military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said to Zvezda, Sputnik News reported. The tank reportedly boasts two 30-millimeter 2A42 automatic cannons, four laser-guided Ataka-T anti-tank missile systems and one remotely reloading coaxial machine gun. The Terminator 2, which can detect targets within about a three-mile range night or day, also has night vision, a laser range finder and a missile guidance system.

The tank made its debut in September of 2013, reported Gizmodo. The outlet reported at the time that the tank was roomier and featured a much-improved armament. The Terminator 2 is built on the base of the highly successful T-72 tank chassis.

“The key advantage that the BMPT-72 gives to all the [countries] that operate T-72 tanks is that they can promptly and at minimal cost upgrade their armies to an ultra-modern level, and enhance capacity, mobility, protection and armament without purchasing new high-cost machines,” a press release from Uralvgonzavod said at the time.

The version of the tank showcased at the Army-2015 International Military Technical Forum reportedly makes good use of the fact that the BMPT-72 can be made and modified easily. "It's cheap and efficient," Murakhovsky said of the Terminator 2 on display, according to Sputnik. 

Russia's next-generation tank, the Armata T-14, regularly makes waves as well and was first shown to the public in May at Moscow’s Victory Day parade. While the rarely glimpsed Terminator 2 has gotten upgrades to its weaponry, the Armata T-14 reportedly might need fewer military personnel because it will emphasize automated technology.