Nusret Gökçe Salt Bae
Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe is best known as "Salt Bae." His famous video was viewed more than 10 million times. Instagram/Nusret Gökçe

One of the best-known faces on the internet this year stepped out to cast his vote in Turkey’s referendum Sunday. Nusret Gökçe, better known as “Salt Bae,” took out some time to click pictures with fans before heading to the ballot box.

The Turkish chef, who owns a small steakhouse chain called Nusr-Et, shared a picture of himself as he cast his ballot in the signature “salt bae” fashion. The post was captioned in Turkish, but loosely translated to “process complete.”

In the background, a polling official could be seen looking amused as Salt Bae voted in his internet-famous salt drizzling pose. The referendum, if approved, will result in a major boost to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s power.

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Earlier this year, a video of the chef seasoning his steak with salt went viral, earning him the tag of Salt Bae. Even though the term "bae" is often used as a short form for baby or babe, it is also an acronym for “before anyone else.”

Watch the video that received almost 14 million views and led to Gökçe being called Salt Bae, essentially “salt before anyone else,” below.

Gökçe, who has over six million followers on social media, has been making the most of his newfound stardom by expanding his restaurant chain to the United States and the United Kingdom, with eateries in New York City and London.

When Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio visited Salt Bae’s restaurant in Dubai, Gökçe posted a picture with “The Revenant” star in his typical pose. The picture garnered almost 900,000 likes on Instagram.

DiCaprio was not the only big Hollywood name to be enamored by Salt Bae and fellow Oscar winner Ben Affleck, along with Grammy winner Rihanna, were spotted wearing Salt Bae shirts.