Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite may now be more concrete as the device has now been discovered in a User Agent Profile.

The model number, SM-N7505, has already been connected with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite, and was discovered in the UAProf with a few features, which we may see on the yet-to-be-confirmed device. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will include an LCD display with a lower resolution than the original Galaxy Note 3. According to the UAProf, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite may feature a 720p display.

The Galaxy Note 3 Lite is expected to include a number of ‘Lite’ features in order to keep its retail price low. In addition to a low-resolution, likely LCD display, other rumors suggest the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will feature an 8-megapixel camera as well as a less powerful processor, less internal storage and less RAM than what is featured in the original Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The original Galaxy Note 3 currently sells for about $300 with a two-year contract and about $700 off contract with most carriers. In comparison, Samsung’s other mid-range Phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Mega, sells for $150 with a two-year contact and just under $500 off contract.

As a newer device under the Galaxy Note line, it is likely, but not confirmed, that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite may be priced between these two devices. The Note 3 Lite would especially be marketed to customers who were interested in the original Galaxy Note 3, but were not enthusiastic about its exorbitant price.

The UAProf also lists that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite may feature the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. Many hope that the Note 3 Lite will actually release with the more recent Android 4.4 KitKat; however, if the device releases before Samsung’s 2014 flagships, such as the rumored Galaxy S5, it is likely the device will in fact release with Android 4.3. Samsung notably has a pattern of releasing the most recent Android operating systems on its flagships before releasing them on its mid-range and low-end devices.

SamMobile first broke the news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite, announcing that the device would be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in early 2014 and may hit markets between February and March. Other rumors propose that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite may be released in a green color variant.

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