Looks like Samsung is working on a rival device for Apple’s AirPower charging pad. The South Korea tech giant recently filed a patent application that contains information about wireless device that could serve as a charging pad for various gadgets. 

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a Samsung patent application last week, and the document seems to suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 maker is also developing a wireless charging pad. Based on the patent application, Samsung’s charging pad coils will be capable of working in both inductive and resonant modes. Also stated is the fact that the charging pad will be compatible with all devices that conform to the Qi standard.

Although Samsung’s charging pad could support devices with the Qi standard, 9to5Mac pointed out that it is still unknown whether the device would end up supporting the latest iPhones and the Apple Watch. Apple’s smartwatches are using a modified version of the Qi standard, so it remains to be seen if they would be compatible with Samsung’s charging pad.

When Apple unveiled its new smartphones and smartwatches during its September press event, it also introduced its AirPower mat. This charging pad won’t be available until 2018, but it has already received positive feedback from consumers. This is, of course, not surprising because the device is capable of simultaneously charging the Apple Watch, the new charging case of the AirPods and any of the new iPhones — iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. 

The appearance of Samsung’s patent application is drawing a bit of criticism though. Patently Apple pointed out that Samsung appears to be very eager to beat Apple in launching a wireless charging pad next year. The publication went as far as saying that Samsung has an obsession with matching Apple’s technologies, like the fingerprint biometrics, dual-lens camera, digital assistant and the Apple Pay mobile payments service. 

It is being speculated that Samsung could be targeting an early 2018 release for its wireless charging pad, possibly alongside the Galaxy S9 or the next flagship phone it will be launching in Q1. Meanwhile, Apple still doesn’t have a specific release date for the AirPower mat. Pricing details are also unknown at this point. 

Samsung seems to be experimenting on a different type of charging pad as well. Just last week, the South Korean brand was granted a patent for a wireless charger that oddly resembles a toaster oven. According to the patent, users can insert their iPhone into the top slot of this device. Once charging is complete, the device will raise the handset up and users can just grab the rejuvenated phone. 

Meanwhile, Apple is currently busy preparing for the launch of the iPhone X. Preorders for the flagship iOS 11-running smartphone will open this Friday, Oct. 27. The device will then start shipping on Nov. 3. Ahead of its release, major mobile carriers have announced deals, discounts and trade-in incentives for consumers who want to get their hands on the almost bezel-less 10th anniversary iPhone.