The Waller County district attorney's office and the county judge released new video footage Tuesday of Sandra Bland, which shows the 28-year-old Chicago-area woman was alive when she was brought into a holding cell following her arrest two weeks ago. The video also showed Bland dressed in an orange jumpsuit as she left the holding cell to take a booking photo at a jail facility in Hempstead, Texas.

During a news conference, Judge Trey Duhon said the footage was released to dispel rumors on social media that Bland had died during her arrest by Brian Encinia, a state trooper with the local Department of Safety.

sandra bland 1 A screen capture of newly released video footage showed Sandra Bland sitting in a holding cell before taking her booking photograph. Photo: Waller County DA

She was “alive and well” at the time she was first booked, when she took her mugshot photo and when she saw the judge to learn about her $5,000 bond, Duhon said. Bland was arrested on July 10, following a routine traffic stop during which she allegedly assaulted Encinia as their encounter escalated.

sandra bland 2 A screen capture of new video footage showed a Waller County jail guard standing in front of Sandra Bland's holding cell before she was taken for her mugshot photo. Photo: Waller County DA

sandra bland 3 A screen capture of new video showed Sandra Bland standing before a county judge to learn that she was being held on a $5,000 bond for allegedly assaulting Brian Encinia, a Texas state trooper. Photo: Waller County DA