Individually, there is no question that Sanrio and Tetris are iconic brands that are familiar to the global market. Following in the footsteps of most entities that have collaborated through the years, the two brands have now teamed up to offer new games and a selection of merchandise for the consumer market.

After lengthy talks between the two companies, both agreed to enter into a multi-year partnership to produce new games and products. At the top of the list is a Hello Kitty-themed online game that will formally be released on June 3, Game Rant reported.

The planned Tetris game will be a browser-based game. Unfortunately, there is no mobile release mentioned although one could follow if the initial release proves to be a success. Either way, this is a big first step for both companies as they try to see if they can work out additional and bigger iterations of video games moving forward, IGN reported.

The partnership comes at a perfect time since both are set to celebrate milestones. Tetris will be celebrating its 35th year while Hello Kitty marking its 45th.

“Not only have the Sanrio characters been one of my favorites since childhood, but it also has such an incredible history among girls and women. The pairing of these two brands to create games, novelties, and fashion items is an incredible opportunity that we think will have great appeal with fans worldwide,” said Maya Rogers, President, and CEO of Blue Planet Software in the official press release.

Further details on the game and what other plans that both companies have in mind remain under wraps. But for those who know Hello Kitty and Tetris pretty well, most may get an idea on what the upcoming online game will have to offer. Most may remember Tetris as a game of wits, meaning folks who love to sharpen their wits may be in for some challenges (and twists) with the integration of the iconic and lovable character.

Moreover, this partnership between Sanrio and Tetris should produce new merchandise that collectors and fans will surely want to get hold off. Categories for the style guide will include cosmetics, clothing, and accessories, among other items.