• The recall affects three types of sauces including Worcester Sauce
  • They are in packaging that do not declare the presence of soy, a known allergen
  • Affected customers may return the product to get a refund

A company is recalling three types of sauces because they may contain an undeclared allergen. The products were distributed in various states.

The problem with the recalled Kagome-branded sauces lies with the packaging, according to the recall announcement on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. Specifically, they are in packaging that does not declare the presence of soy, which is a known allergen.

"People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to soy allergen run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products," the announcement noted. "Subsequent investigation indicates the problem was caused by missing to indicate soy from a 2nd derived ingredient."

Soy is, in fact, among the nine major food allergens that have specific labeling requirements, so it would be easier for those with allergies to identify and avoid the foods that contain them. In the case of soy, for instance, it tends to be a common ingredient in various products such as infant formulas, energy bars, baked goods, processed meats and even vodka. It is also quite common in Asian cuisine.

People with food allergies are constantly advised to avoid consuming products that contain the ingredient they're allergic to. They should also be prepared to treat allergic reactions, as these are "unpredictable" and may happen anywhere.

So far, there have been no reports of illnesses related to the current recall.

The recall affects three Kagome-branded products: Worcester Sauce, Chuno Sauce and Take Out Tonkatsu Sauce. The Worcester Sauce comes in 60-fluid-ounce plastic bottles and has the UPC code 7676451130 and lot code 2024.5.26 or "before this date." The Chuno Sauce comes in 10-fluid-ounce plastic bottles with the UPC code 76764423003 and lot code 2024.4.28 or earlier, while the Take Out Tonkatsu Sauce comes in 8-gram plastic bags and has the UPC code 072546242749 and lot codes 2023.7.29 or earlier.

Photos of the recalled products are available on the FDA website.

These were distributed in Washington D.C. and various states such as "AZ, CA, HI, LV, MD, NY, TX." They were reportedly sold at restaurants as well as retail stores until just recently on March 16.

"Mutual Trading Co., Inc immediately responded to this issue and has already taken action to stop sales and distribution of the affected products," the announcement noted.

Those who find that they are in possession of the recalled products may opt to return them to where they bought them to get a full refund.

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