Clear Sky
A school in Bellingham, Wash. has canceled school due to good weather. Wikipedia Commons

Students are always wishing for snow days, but one school in Bellingham, Wash., decided to cancel school Friday for good weather.

Bob Sampson, the principal of Bellingham Christian School, announced in a letter the previous day that classes would be canceled, citing an “exceptionally nice” weather forecast in Washington’s Puget Sound region, local television station Fox News Q13 reports.

“To celebrate an exceptionally nice day of the spring season, to promote positive school culture and just for fun, Bellingham Christian School has decided to cancel school due to good weather,” Sampson wrote in the letter.

Sampson noted that inclement weather is the usual cause for canceled classes, but for the notoriously soggy state of Washington, nice weather is “just as significant.”

"Typically we cancel school for bad weather, so why not have some fun and cancel school due to fabulous weather? For us Washingtonians, it’s just as significant we figure. Our student body and staff are looking forward to a nice day to bask and play in the spring sun,” the principal said.

Still, Sampson’s plan doesn’t come without some stipulation: the cancellation was contingent on a forecast of 63 degrees or higher. Luckily, Bellingham is experiencing sunny skies and a high of 68 degrees today.

Previously, Sampson had informed students and staff members that “If tomorrow, May 2nd, has clear skies in the morning and if has a forecast of 63 degrees or higher, we will cancel the school for the whole day due to good weather. Wahoooo! If we don’t cancel school on the 2nd, we will look to the forecast for the 3rd and cancel school Friday."

While the school is still providing normal childcare services during scheduled school hours, Sampson encouraged students to “get outside and play.”

“There are so many heavy things that go in our world, it’s nice to celebrate, relax and share joy with many.”

Read Sampson’s full letter to students at Q13 Fox’s website.