Jason Alexander attends a news conference of the One Voice Movement in Jerusalem Jun
U.S. actor Jason Alexander visited Israel and spoke to the Israeli president this week. Reuters

Jason Alexander, famous for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld, went on an informational tour of Israel this week. Alexander went with a group of European and American businessmen and philanthropists on the OneVoice Delegation Tour, according to Haaretz.

The tour delegates took a one week tour and were able to get both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Haaretz said.

Many of the delegates were Jews who had trouble balancing their desire to support Israel with opposition to some of the country's current policies, Haaretz said.

As an American Jew, you feel like it is your job to advocate for the state of Israel, Josh Bernstein, president of Bernstein Management and director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and the United Jewish Endowment Fund, said to the paper. But Israel has grown from a state that is fighting for its existence to a democracy, and unfortunately, it doesn't always uphold the values it was built upon. For American Jews, this has become awkward -- this is not the Israel we love.

As for the former sitcom star, he told Israeli President Shimon Peres in a public conversation that he understood how tough it would be to work out a peace settlement.

One land with two ideologies -- it's very difficult, said Alexander, according to the website Death and Taxes, but the best advice is not to give up. There's been so much disappointment, but there are so many wonderful people on both sides.

In a more humorous turn, the site reported that Peres asked Alexander if he could call him George after his Seinfeld character--a name the actor has likely been trying to avoid since Seinfeld went off the air more than a decade ago.