A court in Serbia has determined that Ratko Mladic, the former army commander accused of committing war crimes and genocide during the Bosnian conflict in the 1990s, is fit to be extradited and stand trial in The Hague.

A spokeswoman for the court, said terms of transfer were met.

It has been certified that Ratko Mladic is healthy enough to take part in that [extradition], because all medical examinations have been carried out and we got an assessment that he's capable, despite the fact that he suffers from a number of chronic conditions, she told reporters.

However, Mladic's lawyers said they will file an appeal on Monday, contending that the former much-feared general is in poor health. They have also requested that he be transferred to a hospital.

Mladic, now 69, looked very frail in court, wearing a baseball cap and moving slowly.

Mladic's wife Bosiljka and son Darko attended the court hearing.

Darko told reporters his father is innocent of the charges and is not physically able to make the trip to The Hague, citing that recent medical examinations revealed he had cerebral hemorrhages.

He also said his family is seeking an independent assessment of his father’s health, including medical experts from Russia.

Mladic’s Defense lawyer Milos Saljic told reporters: The investigative judge tried to question Ratko Mladic but he failed because he (Mladic) is in a difficult psychological and physical condition. It is difficult to establish any kind of communication with him.”

Indeed, Serbian media suggested that Mladic may have had a stroke, as his arms looked paralyzed and immobile.

Although Mladic’s arrest has been widely hailed across Europe and the U.S., it has outraged Serbian nationalists who regard him a hero. Despite an official temporary ban on public demonstration on his behalf, hundreds of Mladic supporters clashed with police in the northern city of Novi Sad as well as in rallies in Belgrade.

One supporter told western media: People are shocked, furious, fuming. Our government should stop this bloody business. They have arrested our general, who'd defended those who were defenseless, he's now facing false allegations.