Serena Williams apologized on Monday afternoon for her inappropriate outburst towards a U.S. Open line judge during her match with Kim Clijsters in the tournament's semifinals.

Williams, who was fined $10,000 for the outburst and is likely to face further penalties, said today she wanted to sincerely apologize to the official, her opponent, the U.S. Tennis Association and to tennis fans, according to the Associated Press.

Serena had an outburst and shouted insults to a line judge who called a foot fault on an important point.

I'm going to shove this f- ball down your f- throat, Williams told the judge according to CBS News. Williams was penalized and that point gave Clijsters the semifinal victory 6-4, 7-5.

Earlier that game, Williams had been warned for smashing her racquet onto the court after she lost the first set.

She did not apologize for her outburst in a press conference that followed that match.

Serena Williams outburst video: