A Ukrainian Navy personnel stands in front of his Navy ship Slavutich, which he says is under blockade by Russian military vessels, at the Crimean port of Sevastopol March 6, 2014. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

If you’ve been following the developments in Ukraine lately you’ve probably heard a lot about Sevastopol, and there’s a reason.

It’s the most populous city in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and both Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian Navy are based there. It has a Russian-majority population and in regard to the Ukrainian crisis, it’s largely pro-Russian.

The city council even voted to “join Russia” on Thursday.

But apart from the current conflict, Sevastopol is just an industrious seaside city that celebrates a rich military and nautical history. It’s a tourist destination for Russians and Eastern Europeans seeking its warm temperatures and nautical attractions.

The panorama below makes it easy to see why so many flock to the city for a weekend getaway. Take a minute to have a look around the city and its beautiful surroundings.

Some of these panoramic views were taken this week, but one is from 2012. Most of Sevastopol appears unchanged, everything except the Russian ship blockading the exit from the Bay of Sevastopol, of course.

Luckily no Russian attack helicopters flew in to ruin the view.

Panorama is via Airpano.