• Shavuot is said to be an important albeit lesser-known Jewish holiday
  • Part of the holiday's custom is eating dairy foods
  • Below are some delicious recipes to try for this year's Shavuot

An important Jewish holiday, Shavuot, is here and one of the customs for the holiday is to eat delicious dairy foods.

Shavuot is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar, according to The Jewish Agency for Israel. It has both a biblical and agricultural significance as it marks the wheat harvest in Israel and the giving of the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible) on Mount Sinai, National Today said.

Referred to as the "Feast of Weeks," Shavuot is observed at the end of the seven-week (49-day) period called "Omer," which begins at Passover or the holiday that commemorates liberation from Egyptian slavery. This year, Shavuot is observed from sunset on May 16 to sundown on May 18.

Typically, it is observed by abstaining from work, staying up all night to read the Torah and saying morning prayers together.

One particularly delicious hallmark of Shavuot, however, is that it's observed by consuming dairy treats. There are several explanations for this tradition, including milk being a symbol of the Torah, or that the people were still pure and innocent like the babies that depend on milk when they received the Torah.

"Though you may not have heard of Shavuot or celebrated it in the past, this year is a great time to start," the Jewish Agency for Israel said.

On this day, try your hand at some delicious recipes with dairy in celebration of Shavuot. (Courtesy-- Tori Avey and So Tov)

Classic Cheesecake

Almost everybody loves a good cheesecake, and Shavuot is the perfect time to eat a slice or two of it, no matter which style you choose. This classic cheesecake recipe makes for a "rich, indulgent treat" that cheesecake lovers will want to try, whether they top it with tart blueberries or sweet strawberries.


Some people may not be familiar with Blintz, but it's a food that's certainly worth trying. It is made by first creating thin pancakes that are each filled with cream cheese and curd stuffing. They are then folded into a roll then baked together in the oven. It is served hot with a dusting of sweet cinnamon and sugar.

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes with Pesto and Goat Cheese

Just the name itself already sounds delicious. For this recipe, whole tomatoes are stuffed with quinoa that's cooked in pesto and tomato juice. The stuffed tomatoes are then topped with creamy goat's cheese and baked in an oven until the cheese begins to brown. For added flavor, it may be topped with fresh basil leaves.

Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

It's always a good time to enjoy a 7-layer dip, and this recipe is said to be a "healthy twist" to the traditional Tex Mex version that many are familiar with. With ingredients such as feta cheese, Greek yogurt and hummus, this dip proves to be a good pair for your favorite vegetables or crackers.

Representative image. Congerdesign/Pixabay