Hearbreak Kid Shawn Michaels returned to RAW on Monday, getting involved in the Triple H-Undertaker storyline, sending Twitter into a frenzy. And with the upcoming WrestleMania event, it was no surprise that the wrestler, who makes an appearance now and then, would have taken interest in the saga between Triple H and Undertaker.

Here's how Twitter reacted to his return, making Shawn Michaels a popular trend on the social networking site late Monday night:

-- no, but seriously, if Shawn Michaels comes back to RAW, we're going to have a serious problem. i can't fit that show into my schedule. - Kimberly Murphy

-- @Gamer2k1 I don't like the storyline that just emerged. Shawn Michaels was the best thing. - Misty Miller

-- @LukeCage Shawn Michaels stole the show again - MC

-- OMG Shawn Michaels BACK , favourite wrestler :$ - Pavishan Kn

-- Frick.....from what I see on twitter I missed shawn michaels!!! #sexyboy -Jessica Lindley

-- @ShawnMichaels Shawn Michaels was awsome today! @WWE #Raw #WelcomeBackHBK - LIGHTENING INC

-- @ShawnMichaels I thoughts that's what it would be!!! O my god I got a RT from my hero and a legend that is HBK shawn Michaels thank you. - henry white

-- Welcome back Shawn Michaels. It's been too long. Solid Raw! #HBK #WWE #RAW - Marc Valeri

-- @WWEUniverse Seeing HBK I love him HBK & Undertaker are my faves I'm glad I had a chance to see HBK before he retired I LOVE SHAWN MICHAELS! - Sara

Here is Shawn Michael's own comments on his return:

Well, that was interesting!! Always a joy, no matter what happens, to get out I'm front of all of you. Tomorrow...back to my tractor:-) Thanks San Diego...and in my best Ron Burgundy voice...Stay Classy San Diego.