• Apple continues to use Lightning on many of its devices
  • A proposition might change this in the future
  • Apple should adopt USB-C as charging standard for the sake of its fans

In a world full of connectors and ports, Apple is known for its determination to use its proprietary connector and charging port, Lightning. Those who migrated from Android to iOS and for some reason lost a Lightning cable or charger are likely to face some trouble, simply because Cupertino's port is very different from microUSB and the newer USB-C.

With that said, should Apple ditch Lightning and adopt USB-C on its future devices instead? If a certain proposition is to be believed (and is actually enforced), then the answer will be a resounding “yes.”

As per Android Authority, the European Parliament has a proposition that will urge, or force, tech companies to move towards the adoption of just one charging standard, which at the moment would be very likely to be USB-C. The Parliament has a few logical reasons for the proposition, foremost of which is the reduction of waste.

Switching from Lightning to USB-C does have its benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Convenience

The adoption of USB-C on future iDevices will add tons of convenience for users. This means users won't have to worry about keeping several connectors within reach. All they need is to get the same connectors or cable for all of their iDevices. “One charger type to connect and power all your devices is simply convenient,” Android Authority's Robert Triggs writes.

  • Environment-friendly

By choosing to scrap the production of several types of connectors, Apple will do the environment a favor. EU regulators estimate that about 51,000 tonnes of waste are generated by obsolete chargers every year. Burning waste to reclaim materials such as cable wires also result in releasing more harmful pollutants in the air.

Choosing to adopt USB-C as standard will help reduce waste and pollutants. It might just be a tiny bit, but it's worth doing for the environment.

Other reasons

Aside from those benefits, there are some good reasons why Apple should ditch Lightning on its future iDevices:

  • Rivals are doing well with USB-C

Apple's refusal to replace Lightning can't be justified by its pursuit of creating thinner devices especially when its rivals are able to create thinner gadgets that use USB-C, Android Authority noted.

  • It might be forced to do so

Lastly, the proposition will force Apple to make the switch, if it ever gets approved and enforced by authorities. Cupertino better make the switch before the legislation forces it.

iphone charging This is a representational image of a charging phone. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Brendan Smialowski