In the wake of the mystery surrounding Lisa Irwin's disappearance, there is news of another missing baby who, like Lisa, seems to have disappeared under unusual and suspicious circumstances. The baby, Sky Metalwala, 2, disappeared, according to his mother, Julia Biryukova, from the rear seat of her car, in Bellevue.

Specifically, according to Julia, she was taking Sky to the hospital because he was not keeping well. Her car then ran out of fuel and Julia stopped by the side of the highway, before leaving Sky in the rear seat and taking her four-year-old daughter to a gas station a mile away. According to the report in the Huffington Post, when she returned, Sky was missing.

Julia reportedly stated that Sky was sleeping in the rear, as she drove him, on the morning of Nov. 6, from their Redmond residence to a Bellevue hospital.

Interestingly however, a KING 5 News report suggests that her extended family in Ukraine has been quick to point the finger of blame at Sky's father, Solomon Metalwala. Apparently, Metalwala had stayed away from his son for a week, before the alleged disappearance.

Further reports suggest that Metalwala and Julia had gone through a bitter divorce and are currently fighting for custody of their children. Metalwala has already given elaborate interviews regarding his son's disappearance and stressed on his hope that the boy will be found, alive.

According to a Fox News report, in one of his interviews, Metalwala alleged that his ex-wife had a history of mental illnesses and dreams of strangling her own children. Recently uncovered court documents, from Julia's custody battle with her ex-husband, seem to support Metalwala's statements.

The documents in question have records of Julia's suicidal tendencies, in the months before Sky's disappearance.

Apparently, Julia was also committed to a West Seattle mental health center last year, after her ex-husband made statements indicating similar claims as the one made to Fox News. The King 5 News report states that records from the health center reportedly showed her mental functions on the lower end of the scale and a nurse at the facility admitted that Julia spent eight hours a day cleaning and of complaining of suicide, in order, it is believed, to gain attention.

It seems, if these documents and the history of Julia's mental health are true, there is a distinct probability of her being involved with Sky's disappearance. However, without any conclusive proof, any such statement to that end must be counted as purely speculative.

Apparently, Julia, in an effort to prove her innocence, has sent an email to Neal Karlinsky, an ABC journalist who was corresponding with her. A report in the Daily Mail suggests that Julia, in the email, said that her husband was a sadistic Muslim Pakistani and no one had any idea how difficult the whole affair had been.