• "Skyrim Anniversary Edition" will arrive this November
  • The new edition will feature 500+ Creation Club content pieces
  • This marks the game's fourth re-release so far

A new version of “Skyrim,” equipped with hundreds of Creation Club content and a new feature, is coming out soon as part of the game’s 10-year anniversary.

“Skyrim Anniversary Edition” will be the latest re-release of the game, celebrating the original version’s launch back in 2011. This new edition will also mark “Skyrim’s” fourth official re-release, alongside the “Legendary Edition,” “Special Edition,” Nintendo Switch version and the VR version for PSVR. A parody of “Skyrim” called the “Very Special Edition” was previously released as a joke but turned out to be an actual text-audio-based adventure game for Amazon’s Alexa.

In terms of tech upgrades or new features, “Skyrim Anniversary Edition” will remain mostly the same as the previously released “Special Edition,” as per PC Gamer. The game will look largely the same except for remastered textures and enhanced visual effects. As it’s still the “Special Edition,” the game will include all three DLCs: “Hearthfire,” “Dragonborn” and “Dawnguard.”

Skyrim Special Edition features higher-fidelity graphics and maximum support for mods
Skyrim Special Edition features higher-fidelity graphics and maximum support for mods Bethesda

The brunt of the new content included in “Skyrim Anniversary Edition” comes in the form of 500+ Creation Club items, which are essentially community-made assets that add more content to the game. These items include new quests, dungeons, bosses, enemies, weapons and many more.

The most notable of features included in the latest edition is a new fishing mechanic. Players will now have the ability to equip a fishing rod and catch fish in “Skyrim’s” many lakes and streams. Fishing will be free to everyone regardless of whether or not they decide to upgrade their version of “Skyrim.”

Those who own the “Special Edition” will be able to upgrade their copies to the “Anniversary Edition” for free. Others will have to purchase the game entirely.

The “Anniversary Edition” is set for release on Nov. 11, the actual date of “Skyrim’s” 10th anniversary. A free next-gen upgrade will also be available during this date for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Bethesda will continue to celebrate “Skyrim’s” 10th anniversary by holding a concert featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices Choir that will broadcast live from the Alexandra Theatre. Additionally, the community-made “Skyrim”-related artworks will soon be featured in a new Skyrim Museum.