'Zombie Army Trilogy' will reach the Xbox One, PC and PS4 in March. Courtesy/Rebellion

“Zombie Army Trilogy,” a compilation of the tactical shooter series “Sniper Elite” spin-off games, will launch for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 6, British developer Rebellion announced.

The trilogy will include a remastered version of the original 2013 game “Nazi Zombie Army” and its sequel, which were both released as standalone downloadable content for 2012’s “Sniper Elite V2.” The trilogy will also include an unreleased third installment in the series.

The game features a cooperative mode with eight new characters, four of which are female.

“Zombie Army Trilogy” will be released as a digital download on Steam, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also see physical releases.

“Referring to this game as a Trilogy was very deliberate because we wanted to make sure gamers knew how much new content we’ve been working on,” Jason Kingsley, creative director and co-founder of Oxford, England-based Rebellion Developments said on the European PlayStation Blog on Friday. “The headline of course is a new third campaign with five new missions which have never been released before. It’s a personal highlight for me – our designers have produced a fitting finish for the series.”

Kingsley also wanted to make sure the game was ready before launching the project on current-generation consoles and the PC.

“We always wanted to support as many platforms as possible, but the consoles at the time couldn’t handle the PC tech we were pushing,” he explained. “With so many people emailing and Tweeting us about it, we had to first prove to ourselves ‎that it was viable both in terms of game dev, and financially.”

The upcoming game will feature five new missions, a new horde mode along with the four new playable characters that Kingsley mentioned.

This will be the sixth installment in the "Sniper Elite" series and the latest addition since last year's "Sniper Elite III."