April fool's day

‘Do a Barrel Roll’ Song Sweeps YouTube [AUDIO]

For those not keen on hashtags and trending topics, Do a Barrel Roll has been sweeping social networking sites for the past 36 hours. Thanks to the behemoth Google, Do a Barrel Roll became one of the hottest search terms on the site, as individuals across the world wanted to see what exactly a barrel roll was.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? No no, just an April Fool’s prank.

The Royal Wedding was a top target for Friday's pranks in the press. According to MSNBC, The Daily Mail joked that princess-to-be, Middleton, went shopping for baby clothes. The paper had a Middleton look-a-like shopping for baby clothes. The photographer was Will Sandkate.

Tech Companies Unleash April Fool Gags

Witticisms, super pranks, ultimate gags, hoaxes and plain lies are searching for fools this day. People turn the most cynical this day so that they don’t look naive, and turn on their gullibility meter at the highest level of alert. But a lot of us are caught off guard by some comic concoctions that mix contemporary humor with ingenious lies which are sometimes delectable.

April Fool's Day frenzy grips Twitter

April Fool's Day frenzy grips Twitter, with tweeps playing pranks, and a flood of jokes on celebrities like Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

Facebook hoax recalls other similar corporate hijinks

The shocking (and highly ludicrous) news over the weekend that Mark Zuckerberg was going to shut down Facebook because it was causing him too much “stress” was only the latest in a long line of corporation-related hoaxes that have long amused, annoyed and bedeviled the public.