Sofia Vergara has never been shy about showing off her curves and in the newest issue of the Mexican GQ this month, Vergara poses revealingly.

My career is because of my look and I am not ashamed of it, Vergara told GQ. My look has opened so many doors. But I also know that if I had something else, my career would have ended long ago. That's why I see Sophia Loren as the perfect example of beauty, sex appeal and how the one presented in public.

In the magazine, Vergara talks about the confidence and pride she has about her curves. At almost 40, Vergara is still compared to women nearly half her age.

I'm included in the lists of the best butt or breasts with likes of Megan Fox, Mila Kunis who are 20 years younger than me, Vergara said. That's a great satisfaction.

Vergara's career has really taken off in the past few years with her role on Modern Family. She has become known for her humor, her accent and her body, but it has not always been easy for the Colombian-born beauty. However, Vergara takes it all in stride and can even joke about it.

I never dreamed I would be here in New York City, Vergara said on Saturday Night Live. I always heard that immigrants had a hard life when they came to America, but when I showed up here everyone was so nice. The men bought me drinks; they offered me a place to sleep. This country welcomed me with open arms and pulled-down pants.

Vergara also talks about her role in Modern Family and her character Gloria.

Gloria was written for me, thinking of me, Vergara said. It is a variation of me. Me and my mother, we are all Latino. Through Gloria I naturally express myself in my English with a heavy Spanish accent. At the beginning, here in America, I sought to correct my accent. Now I do not care, I speak with a Spanish accent, people laugh, I like them all and have fun.