During a hearing on the controversial exchange of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, an Army veteran who served beside the soldier said he was frustrated with their unit’s mission.

Bergdahl “didn’t understand why we were doing more humanitarian aid drops, setting up clinics, and helping the populous instead of hunting the Taliban,” former Spec. Cody Full told lawmakers on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post. “He wanted to hunt and kill.”

Full served with Bergdahl on the same fire team and combated reports that the soldier was just a sensitive man who tried to define himself during a war.

Full denied reports that Bergdahl’s platoon had disciplinary problems. “It’s a ridiculous charge,” Full told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Security was always in place. These acts of common sense survival did not jeopardize the security or put anyone in danger.”

In a handwritten journal, essays, stories and email that Full provided to the Washington Post, he described Bergdahl as a soldier concerned with his own mental health and worried about the situation in Afghanistan.

“Bergdahl was complaining to his parents that our platoon was committing atrocities instead of helping the local populous,” Full said. “But he was telling our platoon that we needed to stop trying to win hearts and minds and focus more on killing the Taliban.”

Bergdahl has reportedly not spoken to his parents since he was released. The Army is currently investigating his disappearance and capture.

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