A tech expert has revealed that Elon Musk may have other plans for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite constellation project. According to the expert, Musk could use the satellites to make billions for his other companies.

The Starlink project officially began on May 24 after the successful launch of 60 operational satellites. According to SpaceX, it intends to release up to 12,000 satellites within the next couple of years.

Musk noted that the primary purpose of the Starlink satellites is to provide high-speed Internet connection from space. He said this could help the economies of developing regions.

However, Manny Shar, the head of analytics for Bryce Space and Technology, doubted Musk’s altruistic intentions with the Starlink project. According to Shar, the billionaire mogul could use SpaceX and Starlink’s technology to further develop the features of his Tesla vehicles.

Shar told Express that like mobile phones, Tesla cars come with an AT&T LTE cellular connection that can be used to access online information such as the data provided by Google Maps. In addition, the connection also influences the decisions of the car’s driver assist system.

Through the Starlink satellites, Shar speculated that Tesla could provide high-speed Internet to its vehicles, which could then provide a better interface with the cars’ self-driving mode and autopilot system.

This added feature could significantly boost the profits for both Tesla and SpaceX. Shar believed the revenue that will be generated from the project could be used for the construction of the Starship and Super Heavy, the two stages of the Big Falcon Rocket spacecraft that will be used for the future Mars colonial expedition.

Although SpaceX is doing very well with its other projects, the company still needs other sources of revenue to fully fund the upcoming mission to the Red Planet. The shared revenue from Tesla and the Starlink satellites could provide the added boost that Musk needs to jumpstart the colonial expedition.

“To build the Starship and Mars Colonial Transporter they need a big revenue channel coming in,” Shar told Express. “At the moment SpaceX has £3 billion coming in annually from launches, but they need more than that to get to Mars.

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