President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose for a photo during a reception at the Metropolitan Museum in New York with Spain's Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and his family, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

A photo of Spain's Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero with his wife, daughters, President Barack Obama and Michelle has caused a media frenzy because the girls appear posing in goth outfits.

Zapatero typically keeps his daughters Laura, 16 and Alba, 13 out of the public eye and has reportedly asked to remove all traces of the pictures.

Laura and Alba appear wearing black long dresses and calf high black boots in the picture. One of them is wearing two thick leather-like bracelets one on each wrist.

The photo was published on the U.S. State Department's Flickr Page, where official Obama pictures are usually uploaded.