There are many reasons to debate why the Green Bay Packers lost to the New York Giants last Sunday night. Some say it could have been four turnovers, while others blame Aaron Rodgers' erratic play.

However, according to 24-year-old Packers fan Casey Lewis from Wisconsin, her favorite team lost because she had sparkly painted nails.

The video filmed by her sister Megan, 22, shows Lewis crying in the passenger seat of a car on her way home from watching the game at a bar. She is crying hysterically, blaming the loss of the Packers because of her nail color and her jersey selection.

Sad Packer Fan has gone viral since it was posted by her sister, amassing nearly 1.5 million views, including Packers linebacker, Clay Matthews. Matthews posted a link to the video with a caption reading, D_mn you and your sparkles!! on his Twitter account.

Lewis goes on a drunken tirade in the video, claiming the Packers lost because she painted her nails in a sparkly color rather than her usual green. She also changed up her attire, wearing a Clay Matthews jersey instead of an Aaron Rodgers jersey.

Lewis attributes the team's loss to her change of routine.

That's a question I've really been struggling with lately. Megan said Clay's your man, you have to support him. So I made the decision to do that, and I really regret it. But it was a jersey I got for my birthday, she told the Star Tribune.

When a reporter from the Star Tribune told Lewis that the Packers most likely did not lose because of her sparkly nails, Lewis responded, You can keep telling me that, but I don't know if I'll believe it.

Talk about superstitious, Lewis said the video is nothing compared to her usual routine.

Everybody knows I'm really superstitious, she told the Star Tribune. That video is pretty mild compared to how I act during games. I'm really loud, I jump around. It's kind of embarrassing actually. I probably shouldn't go in public when I watch games. I've actually been told that before. ... Most people just laugh at me, so I'm pretty used to that.

According to Lewis, getting a manicure is part of her routine leading up to watching a game.

Last season, especially, in week 17 I painted my nails the green Packers color. I'm a girl, and I like to paint my nails. It was almost completely off by the time the Super Bowl came around, and I refused to touch them up. I don't know, I'm just a freak like that, she said.

Following the loss of the Packers, Casey Lewis is now in mourning, both in spirit and on her nails.

My sister convinced me to do it, she said of the sparkly nail polish. And I said, 'Megan, if this doesn't work, I'm taking off my sparkly nail polish and putting on black.' Which I did because I'm in mourning.