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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Chicago, IL 2021

Global expansion, rapid technological development and greater customer expectations are challenges facing businesses around the world. With these hurdles, it can be a handful to address them all at the same time. This is where business process outsourcing (BPO) firms enter the scene. These companies are all experts and experienced in helping businesses in whatever operational dilemmas they are experiencing.

These companies’ specialization can come in handy at any time of the year. There are new trends affecting the delivery of business processes like customer service. With 79% of Americans having a social media account, many are turning to this channel to receive support from brands. This development has already been addressed by the BPO industry with its increasing investment in real-time customer engagement solutions. 

BPO companies also offer startups a level playing field with their established competitors. These companies are looking at these outsourcing service providers to fill in the gaps in their workforce and still be within the means of their budget. 

For businesses in Chicago, here are some of the best BPO companies in the area.

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Chicago, IL 2021

Touch Support

Touch Support is proud to offer highly effective, scale-able, 24/7 enterprise support more quickly, cost efficiently and successfully than the competition.

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game for Touch Support. The company delivers a high-quality level of service through the combination of data analysis, skilled people and systematic business process optimization. This strategic approach to customer service is what keeps its customer satisfaction ratings high as measured by the online customer service platform LiveChat.

Founded in 2003, Touch Support started as a small business catering to companies looking for competent U.S.-based technical support representatives. It has since expanded to not only have offices in the U.S. but also in Croatia. 

Outsourced support offered by the company includes solutions like live chat, over-the-phone support, remote connection assistance and ticketing system & helpdesk. These services are customized based on Touch Support’s assessment of the needs of the client and looking into how its solutions can help achieve business goals. 

The company is also known for providing services like financial services and cloud strategy assessment & planning. 


Eminenture is a multinational company that provides research consulting, information technology and Business Process Management (BPM) services globally.

Eminenture is a globally recognized brand for BPO solutions like knowledge consulting, business transformation and technology services. Its secret to success lies in its philosophy that success can only be possible with high-quality work and services. Additionally, the company is known for its cost management, value-adding and innovative services that help its clients achieve their goals.

It offers the most common solutions needed by businesses. It provides market research, data mining, analytics & reporting, transaction processing, back-office support, email marketing and accounting & finance.

The company’s business transformation solutions are all designed to help businesses come out of hurdles blocking them to achieve their goals. Eminenture provides these businesses with support to meet the actual demand and needs of their clients in a cost-effective and smart manner. Solutions under this umbrella have produced over 150 satisfied clients in more than 17 countries.


Founded in Spain in 1979, and with a wide presence in LATAM & Europe, Auxadi became an extension of the Finance Department of its clients helping them in their expansion abroad.

Auxadi aims to make life simpler for its clients. With over 40 years in business, the company has gathered a lot of tips, tricks, knowledge and skill to provide its clients with value-adding outsourcing solutions. With locations in Madrid, Spain, Miami, Florida and Chicago, the company is considered as a fast-growing and independent family-owned Corporate Management Services provider in Latin America and Europe.

This BPO company offers services like tax & payroll support and other international accounting solutions in 50 countries. The company’s tax obligation services include tax compliance, official books and annual accounts, assistance in tax inspection processes and transfer pricing advisory services. These solutions are in compliance with regulations and new reforms observed in various territories in order to provide accurate and quality tax compliance advice.

The company also takes pride in its MultiCountry online platform. This system allows its clients to have access to a database providing a global and harmonized view of accounting of a business’ international subsidiaries. It also has the capability of viewing invoices, approving payment orders, checking outstanding creditors and managing payroll processing. 

Auxadi caters to businesses in the pharmaceutical, energy, financial and technology and telecommunications sectors among others.

Intersoft BPO Solutions

Intersoft BPO Solutions specializes in business operations that isn't heavy on the budget and can help maximize profits.

Intersoft positions its services as a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to turn its vision of success into reality. The company offers its clients help in reducing costs and shifting their focus on things that matter. It offers its clients the chance to hand them non-revenue generating processes to better keep its energy allocated to important aspects of the business. 

This BPO firm caters to businesses in need of help in accounting & finance, customer service, digital marketing, management and billing. These services are offered to companies in industries like telecommunications, logistics, software, financial, automotive and healthcare. 

Intersoft’s solutions for the automotive industry are all tailored according to the needs of the client. It can help any business with its customer service, financial services, IT and software development and back-office processes. The BPO company is also capable of providing indirect and direct purchasing for the industry. It has proven to purchase goods, services and business products in a timely and efficient manner. It also takes pride in its secure manner of doing purchasing with the use of its electronic data interchange and other secure channels.


Accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation firms outsource to Pransform to grow their practice and make more profit.

Helping businesses survive and flourish is the mission of BPO company Pransform. As an accounting services provider, the company helps different firms with tasks like bookkeeping, tax planning, payroll processing and financial statements. 

The company is made up of professionals who have spent years in U.S.-specific accounting and tax preparation services. Its management is composed of certified public accountants, finance experts, lawyers and engineers. These people all want to help businesses realize 24-40% improved profit, a 100% hike in yield by doubling output and reducing costs by 15-35%.

Aside from its accounting services, Pransform also offers bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and software development for those who need such support.

The company also launched an outsourcing solution for those who are looking to digital marketing to help grow their business. This service helps clients connect with the right audience and convert them into customers. It includes services like content creation, graphic design and web development.

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