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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Dallas, TX 2021

Customer care is a growing priority for businesses. It comes as no surprise as people’s needs evolve. Also, the availability of new technologies helps audiences be critical and ask for immediate help for their issues. One such technology is social media. It’s easy, quick and available to a vast number of people. According to a survey, 79% of Americans maintain at least one social media account. With this, businesses are offered an opportunity to better engage with their target market.

Credo Consulting disclosed that this trend prompted the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry to once again recalibrate its services to include multi-channel communications. Since businesses started looking for ways to address concerns on social media, BPO companies also started investing in tools they can use to help their clients address queries. 

With the constant changes happening in the field of customer support, businesses need BPO firms to survive in a competitive market. These partners can support them on the important aspects of the business while being budget-friendly.

Here are some of the best Dallas-based BPO companies to consider.

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Dallas, TX 2021

Maestro Personal Assistants

Maestro Personal Assistants provides high-impact marketing and loyalty programs with a powerful incentive: cell phone access to a live VIP personal assistant and information service 24 hours a day -- branded in its client's company name.

Maestro aims to create a unique personal experience for its clients’ customers. Founded in 2004, the company was formed by Adam Alfia and Kfir Alfian as an alternative to the expensive service given by national cell phone providers. It was in 2005 when the company started offering personal assistance and concierge services to companies focused on delivering branded marketing and loyalty programs. 

On top of this, the company is knowledgeable in customer care. A client described its service as something that creates long-term customer and personalized relationships that put a business in a unique position against its competitors. Additionally, the company’s concierge service allows businesses to do more and focus on what matters most. Services offered by Maestro include corporate concierge, personal assistants, customer loyalty programs, white-label concierge, multi-program concierge and automotive program. 

Maestro also has multiple types of programs available for its clients. These programs include customer engagement, employee rewards, customer loyalty programs, promotional marketing and fundraisers.


DMP BPO's Electronic Billing & Payment Solution (EBPP) equips its clients with the ability to offer online bill payments while maintaining control over multiple channels.

DMP BPO is a business that pours its resources strategically to resolve its client’s issues. The company started its operations in 1992 and has since been committed to delivering cost-effective solutions and using technology in managing the document management needs of its clients. The firm’s mission continues to be a helping hand that enables businesses to focus on their core operations while it takes care of non-essential work.

The “customer comes first” attitude of DMP BPO guides every project that is handed to them. This approach assures its clients that the company will give unparalleled attention to their needs and help resolve the concerns at hand. 

The company takes pride in its investment in facilities and equipment that allows it to deliver high-quality customer support. DMP BPO has several offices across Texas that includes future-proofing its spaces to meet the expected increase in demand for BPO services in the country. The company operates 24/7, making it ideal for businesses that need customer support 365 days a year.

It has a wide range of solutions under its hood including Highlight color printers, Gunther Inserts, NPI 400 Letter Sorter, cut sheet black & white laser printer and addressing & tabbing systems - all are important technologies that can potentially support its clientele.

The company caters to businesses in the healthcare, insurance, financial services and government sectors.

Lead Tag

Lead Tag challenges its teams to think big, take risks and accept challenges. It takes pride in its ability to provide practical work experience and skills development that enables its agents to launch themselves into advanced careers.

Lead Tag is always fueled up to help any business in need. Part of its success is drawn from its heavy investments in the welfare of its employees. It is why Lead Tag is known for cultivating experienced people who are capable of delivering world-class customer support. This BPO firm is also known for advocating career growth for its employees making them fully equipped to be customer service agents, account managers and team leads.

As a BPO solutions provider, Lead Tag provides a full range of customer support solutions to its clients. These services include calling clients and booking appointments, generating and categorizing sales leads, asking customers about feedback and maintaining an updated customer contact database. 

Aside from focusing its resources on its people, the company is also known for giving back to communities. Lead Tag is known for its partnership with community organizations and churches in the Dallas area to help people with work and planning their careers. 

Rocket Station

Rocket Station's process begins by understanding the business on a deep level. After listening to existing challenges, needs, and concerns, it crafts a strategic plan unique to the business.

Small businesses are the main audience of Rocket Station. They are the reason for its existence. Rocket Station’s employees are an essential ingredient to help its clients achieve success. The team is made up of people who are capable of launching an efficient, scalable and profitable business and, on top of that, deliver a world-class customer experience to boot.

The company positions itself as a firm catering to innovative companies. It is always ready to assess its client’s needs and develop a customized solution to help them grow. The company provides services including marketing & branding, optimization & automation, lead generation, a real estate virtual team and a customer care center. 

Its customer care center solution operates with the knowledge that customer is king and taking care of them is an integral part of any growing business. The company approaches customer care with politeness, promptness, professionalism and with a personal touch. Other solutions offered include outbound sales and customer relationship management.

Teelink LLC

Teelink was started in response to an ever-increasing need for high-quality but low-cost BPO services.

Teelink started out as a company that wanted to provide cost-effective call centers and other BPO solutions to companies in the U.S., England and Australia. The company has the latest cutting-edge technologies needed to support the customer care needs of its clients. It is also flexible and can adapt to different client scenarios to help them grow and succeed. 

Its call center solution offers businesses access to a live operator for inbound and outbound customer service. It also provides customer relations management and helpdesk tier 1 through email and chat. It also has the capability to support via a live 24/7 answering service with a transfer option, order taking & upselling and virtual assistants.

Teelink also offers back-office solutions and IT services. The latter one is developed for those businesses that need help with software, mobile application and eCommerce development. It can also provide help with graphic, logo and web design, as well as with digital marketing and social media management. 

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