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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Denver, CO 2021

Business process outsourcing firms continue to grow every year. Studies have pointed out that the global BPO industry is expected to have a global worth of $92.5 billion in 2020. The growth in the coming years stems from the potential displayed by BPO companies catering to financial tech, eCommerce and health businesses. This comment comes after many forecasters regarded the industry as an obsolete one. With much potential in the air, BPOs are set to continuously serve different sectors in the foreseeable future. 

There are many factors driving BPOs’ growth. Businesses cutting costs is the most common driver. In 2016, 59% of companies expressed cost savings as the factor that convinced them to outsource parts of the business. In 2020, 17% of businesses are turning to BPO companies as their previous experience working with them turned a good transformational change within the company.

Businesses looking to partner with BPO companies to support their growing needs should read on to know which of these present in Denver, Colorado match what they are looking for in an outsourcing provider.

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Denver, CO 2021

Russell Tobin

Leading minority-owned recruitment and staffing advisory organization comprised of specialized practices focusing on a variety of skill sets and industries.

Businesses that need a pro in staffing and recruitment outsourced solutions should look at Russell Tobin. This Denver-based company is a professional in what it does and specializes in providing tailored and informed advice to resolve issues faced by its clients while looking for a prospective employee. 

As the staffing arm of the Pride Global network, Russell Tobin also offers solutions like vendor management, payroll programs and business process optimization.

Its BPO solutions are also geared towards allowing businesses to concentrate more of their resources on their core operations. However, Russell Tobin sets itself apart by offering cost-efficient solutions that are marked with consistency, accountability and flexibility. These solutions are customized depending on the type of person its client is looking for. Most of its clients were able to save about 10-40% of expected expense and a 30-50% reduction in turnaround time - showing that Russell Tobin gets the job done without hurting its client’s pocket.

Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office helps businesses solve issues they face every day -- from office space and conference rooms on an as-needed basis.

Intelligent Office offers its clients an opportunity to operate at the highest possible efficiency level while still keeping its quality of work. This BPO company offers customized solutions based on its client’s needs. It can provide services like virtual assistance, phone answering, virtual business service options, virtual office and meeting spaces.

In terms of unique solutions it offers to different industries, Intelligent Office provides professional services that cover most of the essential day-to-day processes needed by consultants, lawyers, real estate agents and doctors. It can also handle other non-essential functions like scheduling jobs, customer support, invoicing clients and ordering supplies.

The company also values the important role played by human employees in the growth of a business. It is the driving force behind the company’s continuous dependence on the skills, knowledge and experience of its people to cater and address the concerns of its clients. It believes that people still trump artificial intelligence and other technologies in providing humanized, strategic and smart approach to client problems. 


SYKES creates intelligent customer experiences for brands across the globe through its digital marketing, sales expertise, customer service and technical support (BPO) solutions.

Creating intelligent solutions aimed at improving the customer experience is what Sykes is all about. This BPO company is a leading provider to companies included in the Global 2000 list. Since its foundation, the company has been focused on nurturing customers so these relationships can turn into loyalty, conversion and profit. 

Sykes also believe that people form an integral part of delivering customer support. This is the explanation behind its slogan “Real People. Real Solutions.” The firm understands that its success heavily relies on the hands of its employees who are behind the firm’s ability to deliver on its promise of building connected and intelligent customer experiences. 

The company’s outsourcing solution is all about creating dynamic, all-encompassing solutions that help businesses hurdle through complex issues. It is also knowledgeable in a number of essential technologies that help its clients focus their energy on the main parts of their business. The firm offers services including talent acquisition, transaction handling, multi-channel solutions, social media management and sales through service and customer retention. These solutions are offered to businesses engaged in energy & utilities, communications, healthcare, insurance and retail.

Energy Resources Marketing

Energy Resources Marketing is a strategic, solution-based event marketing company. It represents its clients at over 350 events every year!

Founded in 2009, Energy Resources Marketing takes off the burden of marketing from the hands of its clients and pouring it all onto the company’s experienced staff. The combined knowledge and experiences of its people to create campaigns that achieve brand goals make the company stand out in a sea of marketing BPOs. It is composed of people who all know the strategies to educate, communicate and inspire the target audience by designing the right branding and marketing campaigns. 

But with all of the skills of Energy Resources, it specializes in event marketing. The company knows how best to promote a brand. It has always been the go-to for businesses looking to make the most out of tradeshows, community outreaches, business events and conferences. Coupled with event planning, it also offers event staffing, sponsorship negotiation, lead generation, analytical reporting and experiential marketing. 

The company has helped several businesses better engage with their customers in events like the Colorado Home Show, the Dragonboat Festival, the New Mexico State Fair, the Vikings Training Camp and the Twin Cities Pride. 


PRG helps businesses offload processes to become more efficient, increase productivity & reduce overhead costs.

PRG stands for Project Resources Group and it offers businesses in the cable, telephone, construction and utility industries a partner when they need to outsource. The company specializes in technical support, back office processing, project management, network infrastructure and application development among many others. In every project, the company aims to offer the highest quality of service that goes beyond the expectations of its clients. 

PRG’s BPO solutions are all handled within the U.S. It means that each of its customer support agents has a great grasp of the English language. Many businesses' concern about outsourcing their customer support needs is that many BPO firms do their business outside the country. By having its contact centers in American soil, PRG employees are well equipped and trained to address the issues of the customers. Additionally, the company also has agents who can fluently speak Spanish to handle a whole different market. 

The contact center support provided by the company includes services like phone answering for feedback and survey, order processing, dispatch service information delivery, process service enrollments and appointment setting. PRG also provides businesses with data processes and management services.

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