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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Houston, TX 2021

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a method of subcontracting different business-related processes to third-party service providers. This industry has been around since the 1960s and it started out in manufacturing.

Outsourcing offers companies greater flexibility. By outsourcing the company’s non-core processes, they would be able to reallocate resources to other processes that the company needs to focus more on. 

BPOs offer access to technologies and innovations that companies may not have exposure to. Companies also benefit from the lower taxes in the host countries that their outsourced employees are based in and they also benefit from quick and reliable reporting, good productivity and the ability to reassign resources when necessary. 

To date, the estimated market size of outsourced services amounted to more than $90 billion. This figure is continuously increasing as the demand for BPO agencies is growing due to the escalating need of business to improve competitiveness in the highly-saturated business landscape. 

To keep up with this competitiveness and ensuring the overall success of the business, it is necessary for to invest on a reputable business process outsourcing agency. 

Here is a list of the best PO companies that business owners can work with in Houston, Texas.  

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Houston, TX 2021

GC Services

GC Services provides award-winning customer care and account receivables management services to some of the most respected companies nationwide. Their clients come from a wide array of industries, which allows them to deliver best-in-class solutions.

With over 61 years of experience in the industry, GC Services is an award-winning business process outsourcing company focusing on customer care and account receivables management services. They also have 30 sites all over the US. 

GC Services offers teleservices, customer care, back-office support, delinquent accounts receivables management and default account receivables management solutions to clients. The firm caters to mostly Fortune 500 companies all over the country with an average tenure of more than 14 years. They cater to a wide array of industries and services which are customized to the clients’ specific needs.  


IntegrityBPO are experts in providing omnichannel support services allowing their partners to provide multiple means of connecting with their customers. They believe that the survival of their organization highly depends on unity, cooperation and teamwork of all the management team.

Integrity BPO is a multi-awarded outsourcing company that was founded in 2009 in Houston. The company focuses on providing global contact solutions for clients by delivering exceptional customer service and support. With over 109 projects completed over the last decade, Integrity BPO is one of the leading providers in the industry. 

They offer customer management solutions to clients providing customer service, technical support, back-office services, outbound services, sales, collections, relationship management and analytics. 

Integrity BPO provides inbound, outbound and back-office support mostly to IT, e-commerce, retail, technology and telecommunications sectors.  

Outsourcing Services USA

Outsourcing Services USA works in long term partnerships with clients to drive substantial, long-term cost reductions and performance improvements through Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO).

Outsourcing Services USA is a multi-service firm located in Texas providing business process outsourcing, IT services, call center, document management, consulting, staffing, software and web design. They also have a branch in India that provides 24/7 support to clients worldwide. 

Their BPO services include accounts payable, receivable collection, billing collections, bookkeeping, credit card processing, data processing, capture, conversion, entry and processing, litigation support, paralegal services, medical billing and coding, HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing, infra outsourcing, sales, transcription services, digital and phone dictation. 

To date, the company caters to the defense, airline, automotive, banking, capital markets, chemicals, communication, electronics and tech, energy, insurance, legal, health care, logistics, entertainment, travel and utilities industries.  

Suma Soft

Suma Soft has been a Global IT and ITES BPO Solutions provider for USA, India and global market with a successful legacy of 19+ years. They have gained the patronage of giants from various industries across the world with the high-end industry-specific, technology and analytics-enabled solutions.

With experience in the outsourcing industry of over 19 years, Suma Soft has been a successful IT and ITES BPO solutions provider for the American and Indian market and recently has expanded their reach globally. Suma Soft has been providing IT infrastructure support from companies of various industries as well. 

Suma Softs services include business process outsourcing, inbound/outbound call center, email support, social media support, data entry, loan processing, logistics, chat support and US mortgage, software development, technical support, cybersecurity and software testing services. 

They cater mainly to companies from the banking and finance, logistics and supply chain, insurance, automotive, IT and ITES, e-commerce, retail and health care sectors.  

Connectica Solutions

Connectica Solutions provide state-of-the-art Call Center services where their bilingual agents become part of their clients company communication, providing telephone, e-mail or live chat support to their customers, vendors or partners.

Founded in 1991 as part of the Migesa Group, Connectica Solutions has been providing contact center services to the North American market since their founding. They currently employ over 450 professionals focusing on the U.S. and Mexican markets. 

Their contact center services provide help desk, technical support, customer service, products and services information, appointments and calendar coordination, surveys and market research, order cycle management, accounts collections, insurance claims and payment, procurement, billing and telemarketing solutions. 

Connectica’s clientele includes businesses from different sectors and industries in North America and Mexico.  

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