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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Business process outsourcing is one of the most in-demand industries today due to the growing competition within the commercial landscape. Not only does this provide companies with a tailor-fit workforce, but it also helps improve revenue, boosts sales and expand the network market due to the improvement in operational productivity. 

This happens because employees can now focus on their intended tasks which is ideally suited to their educational background, experience and skillset. Other tasks are then outsourced to the BPOs, which frees up the time of regular employees to focus on more crucial areas. 

Based on a study, the global BPO industry is valued at $24.6 billion. This is expected to further increase as more businesses are discovering the many benefits that the BPO sector has. It is then wise for business owners to invest in a BPO firm to ensure the utmost success. 

Listed below are some of the best business process outsourcing companies located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021


ClaimAid serves an important role in the development and roll-out of the HIP program. ClaimAid helps providers and consumers to navigate ground-breaking program elements such as POWER Account Contributions, Fast-track payments, Third-Party Contributions and other cutting-edge.

ClaimAid is a medical support BPO established in 1989 that values employee and customer experience by following biblically inspired principles that guide their BPO services as they progress.  

The company focuses on providing clients with an efficient and reliable well-informed process in terms of claims resolutions, eligibility determination, school-based medical billing and claimed self-pay solutions. 

These services are made available to their prime market in hospitals, patients personal account and schools. Most of the firm’s clients come from health care facilities, behavioral health facilities, healthcare providers, and government agencies. They are also acknowledged by ER Emergency Physicians as one of the top 5 hospital administrators during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Final Expense Call Centers

Final Expense Call Centers can turn a small office into a profitable call center. Their clients don't waste time and money on trying to reinvent the wheel, because they've already critiqued the process for them.

Final Expense Call Center is an outsourcing company that focuses in call center services that enable call center operations to clients. They train people in their field of specialization in an instructional way so they may close their own deals and produce contracts efficiently. 

They have client perks through their Live Avatar Leads and Press 1 programs that gain an average of 90% successful deals. Each franchisee will have their company contract with final expense giving them additional benefits through commissions. 

The franchise program allows clients to access services in exclusive leads at a wholesale price, final expense call center contract, full training call center program and sell ancillary products to maximize profits.  


Ciproms began as part of private practice. They saw efficient business management as essential to patient well-being, so they brought advances in technology to their offices and developed ground-breaking systems for managing revenue.

Founded in 1982, CIPROMS is a BPO company that focuses on medical billing solutions and patient care support. The company flourished along with the development and application of technology. They mainly serve professional physicians and medical institutes in managing revenue and providing precise medical invoices.  

Part of the company's solution services are full-service medical billing, certified medical coding, business analytics, provider enrollment and ASP solutions. They also provide ambulance services, general surgery, neurology, oncology, plastic surgery and rheumatology. 

CIPROMS now has an estimate of 500 professional physicians with 80 expert practices. The company has partnered with notable companies like Medical Group Management Association, AAPC, HBMA and Indiana Rural Health Association.   


Revele are not just automating claims and emailing reports. Their end-to-end RCM service helps physician groups simplify the business of medicine and grow revenue from day one.

Since 1999, Revele has been serving as a BPO company that aims to make improvements in the aspect of people’s lives through outsourcing work. The company is focused on bringing efficiency in the business of medicine to their clients. They also adapt to modern technological advancements to help them further develop and expand client care services by using an Entrepreneurial Operating System.  

For over 25 years in the industry, they have continued their assistance to customers and clients in terms of healthcare reimbursement & technology industry, affordable care act, electronic health records and ICD-10 solutions. 

Their most sought-out services are remote staffing services, patient pay, denial management, healthcare analytics and professional services. Some of their notable platform features are software and applications that monitor clients well being.   

Brown & Joseph

Brown & Joseph is an award-winning debt collection agency that provides B2B debt collection services to the insurance, logistics and telecommunications industries. They have an OpenAccess portal that allows their clients to view their accounts and securely place new accounts for collection at any time

Brown & Joseph is an award-winning debt collection agency located in Itasca, IL. 

Founded in Chicago in 1996 by a group of financial services experts, Brown & Joseph has earned a winning reputation within the accounts receivable industry by routinely exceeding our clients' expectations and collecting what other agencies cannot.

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