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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies In Jacksonville, FL 2021

Business process outsourcing firms continue to help businesses augment what lacks in their arsenal. According to statistics, there are more than 160,000 businesses in the U.S. that support the BPO industry. While cost-cutting remains the top reason to outsource, many are turning to it to improve operations. 

Many businesses are looking to BPO firms to add more power and resources to be able to do more. In a research by Deloitte, 28% of businesses that turn to BPO companies aim to tap the latter’s intellectual capital while 31% of them are looking to improve their service. Also, 47% of businesses outsource to solve their capacity issues.

With BPO companies having the flexibility to cater to different industries and companies, outsourcing becomes even more tempting. This is especially true for small businesses that lack the capital of large multinationals and are aiming to level the playing field against them. For those looking to find a BPO company as a partner, here are some of the most recommended companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies In Jacksonville, FL 2021

Formativ Health

Formativ Health focuses on the patient and provider experience. Supports its clients with provider matching, patient scheduling, RCM healthcare, and patient access services.

Formativ Health knows that the healthcare industry is already slowly bowing to consumerism. It is why it offers solutions to clients that need to play catch-up with the rapid roll-out of this trend in the industry. The BPO service provider offers technologies and processes that help elevate the patient experience - starting from the initial contact up to a solid relationship that will last a lifetime.

Aside from being a unique player in the BPO field - as it focuses on providing the healthcare sector the solutions it needs - the company sets itself apart by making use of the latest technology, maximizing its roster of physicians and highlighting its end-to-end solutions.

The company starts off by improving the client’s existing technologies. It then crafts a personalized plan that will address the client’s concerns for a quicker rollout. The company is also proud of having people experienced in what goes on in the industry. These professionals have a good grasp of different scenarios. Hence, they can provide the best fix to help its clients succeed.

The company helped a urology practice achieve several milestones. It played an important part in posting a 33% jump in the practice’s number of patients. It also helped in getting that 4.7% hike in Press Ganey’s “ease of getting clinic on the phone” and a 33% increase in revenue per physician.

Chat Media Solutions

A digital-focused firm that utilizes unique marketing strategies to create lead opportunities for its clients.

Home improvement businesses looking to outsource their customer support and other BPO needs should definitely consider Chat Media Solutions. This Jacksonville company specializes in supporting businesses in the said industry. It has proven itself through generating quality leads with its Home Improvement Leads and Direct Marketing Service. 

Services offered by the firm are customized as different clients have their own struggles and needs. It can provide solutions like inbound & outbound lead generation, rehash programs, appointment setting, live transfer home improvement leads and review & referral calls. 

The company’s excellence is seen with the way it handles lead generation. Chat Media is capable of winning back old customers with its customer rehash solution. Success is achieved with the right combination of focus, data, insight, guidance and systematic approach to lead these old customers back to its client’s doors.

321 Communications

321 Communications provides long-distance partner services, call center services and prepaid wireless services among others.

321 Communications is the trusted provider among businesses that need a migration path from PSTN and TDM deployments to IP, as well as with terminating their calls in the most affordable but reliable manner. The company offers solutions like toll-free & DID services, long-distance partner services, customer relations management application services, NOC services and call center services.

The customer support service offered by this Jacksonville-based BPO company allows small businesses to have the level of support akin to big corporations. 321 Communications understands that customer care is an important factor in having a successful business. It is why it invests heavily in the right technologies and people to provide this service well. It is available 24/7 with live customer support agents always ready to address the concern of customers. The company also makes sure that only the latest technology is used in all its contact centers to ensure high quality and secure service.


LACS BPO creates opportunities and value for employees, clients and their customers.

LACS sets itself apart by believing in the fact that information technology can be used to better improve the processes of those in different industries like hospitality, education and corporate sectors. This is a salute to its abbreviated name which means Leveraging Advanced Channel Solutions

Its employees are all trained, experienced and knowledgeable in coming up with the best solutions to address business concerns. These people are all capable of delivering quality services like telecom data delivery including cloud & hybrid solutions, digital signage, void solution services and ISP infrastructure. 

As for its customer support service, LACS BPO understands the current state of customers- they have high expectations especially with aftersales support. It is the reason behind its move to offer a multi-channel solution to keep up with the demand. This service takes full advantage of various platforms to deliver an improved customer experience. 

Other services offered by the company include inbound contact center solutions, outbound call center services and workforce management & recording solutions.

LACS BPO also caters to businesses in need of solutions like network topology configuration & deployment, control counsel and server, storage, backup configuration with knowledge base handoff.

Star Telecommunication

Star Telecommunication enjoys doing business to business support utilizing virtual assistance for a few of the largest Work From Home virtual call centers.

Star Telecommunication offers a wide range of services to support whatever its clients may need. It provides inbound and outbound calling services, live chat support, back-office support, email support and eCommerce support. 

The company is known for being 100% responsible, 100% legitimate and 100% a high energy company. It provides business to business support through the use of virtual assistance among other things. Star Telecommunication is also focused on its own development and growth, as much as it is focused on its clients. With this, it can be sure that it is in tip-top shape all the time. Such principle is what drives the company’s continuous investment in its people to develop their quality, character and skillsets. 

The BPO firm caters to all kinds of businesses like amusement parks, roadside assistance, retail, home improvement, tourism, international travel properties and healthcare.

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