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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in New York, NY 2021

Call center service is the first thing that pops up when talking about business process outsourcing firms. While they do form part of the industry, there are more solutions and services being provided by companies in the sector. It is even shocking to note that call center service is not the top in-demand category of the BPO industry.

According to a survey, accounting and IT services are among the most commonly outsourced tasks at 37%. It is followed by digital marketing at 34%, web development at 28% and human resources at 24%. These varying kinds of services prove that each BPO company is unique from the other. It shows that each of them is an expert in a certain service like financial management, data processing, tax planning or back-office support.

With the wide range of services offered by BPO companies, small businesses and established ones should look into these firms to lower their operational costs and focus more on what needs to be done. Businesses in and outside New York City looking for firms to partner with can take a look into these BPO companies.

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in New York, NY 2021

Hitech BPO

Hitech BPO provides end-to-end BPO services - from data processing to market research and data analytics, data collection and image editing/retouching among others.

Founded in 1992, the company was initially called Hitech iSolutions before changing to its current name. It has since grown to be composed of over 750 people located across five locations around the world serving 3,100 projects from clients engaged in varying industries.

Named as one of the best BPO firms, Hitech BPO offers a wide range of services including data analytics, market intelligence, data processing, sentiment analysis, image editing and DTP services. 

The company is known for providing world-class data and analytics services for its clients across the globe. It has developed the service to be a one-stop-shop for all kinds of research projects. Hitech BPO also made sure that it keeps a record of where it measures, who it measures and how its services helped its clients in various industries including healthcare, insurance, retail, media and telecommunications.

Hitech worked together with a leading TV search and EPG company to better understand its audience’s behavioral pattern and market trends. The client approached Hitech BPO as it needs help with business intelligence and data visualization, as well as with using data assets to gain competitive advantage. Hitech addressed the needs by deploying a central depository to be used for data virtualization and business intelligence. By the end of the project, the client achieved a 50% reduction in time to collate information from various sources and increased its ability to interpret data to gain deeper insights.

EXL Service

EXL Service is a leading operations management and analytics company that helps its clients build and grow sustainable businesses.

EXL sets itself apart from other BPOs by being an expert in what its clients do and being knowledgeable of things that work in their respective industries. The company calls it Digital Intelligence. This approach is a combination of digital & domain knowledge and human & technology resources that are integrated to come up with groundbreaking results. 

This New York-based firm serves its clients from all corners of the world. It has more than 32,000 professionals under its roster and has locations in Australia, Latin America, Asia, South Africa and Europe. These employees are all focused on not merely helping the clients to achieve success but to lead their industry in making a significant change.

The company has been helping its clients with a wide variety of solutions since 1999. Services extended by the BPO include data & analytics, consulting, finance & accounting and operations management. The last solution is offered by EXL to help solve complex issues. It is catered to those in the banking & finance, transportation & logistics and travel & leisure industries.

EXL helped an insurance provider streamline its operations. The company implemented a life, annuities and health policy administration system called LifePRO to replace the legacy vendor administration system used by the insurance provider. LifePRO enabled the insurance firm to reduce the number of administration systems and come up with accurate and timely financial reporting to support decision making by top management.

The Sourcing Group

The Sourcing Group's proven purchasing system and company store technology generates measurable savings on print, promotional items, and logo apparel.

Since 2005, The Sourcing Group (TSG) has been clear with its mission. It wants to help its customers simplify the management of its client’s branded materials. The company helps them by making use of the latest available technology, its expertise in the field and its commitment to providing high-quality service. 

Through the years, the company has served a wide range of clients. For its services to clients in the insurance sector, TSG has been known as the leading provider of data processing and print & mail services. The company has achieved this distinction due to the team of professionals who all know how to increase accuracy and provide great customer response. The company has also ventured into offering electronic communication services for its existing clients.

TSG also caters to other industries like transportation, retail, healthcare, finance and tech.

Max BPO Outsourcing

Max BPO Outsourcing provides services for call center, finance & accounting, data management, debt collection, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce catalog management and digital publishing services.

Max BPO started catering to mid-size businesses, big corporations and Fortune 500 companies in 1997. It has since served more than 100 clients in over 30 countries. The company offers services like data management solutions, logistics BPO support, debt collection services and call center services. Max BPO can help its clients with tasks like accounting & bookkeeping, debt recovery and healthcare processes.

Quality and consistency matter to Max BPO. These are the driving forces behind the company’s commitment to keeping itself certified by established organizations. It holds certifications like ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. It is also a certified HIPAA compliant service provider. 

The BPO solutions provider offers its services to those in the automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, hospitality, transportation & logistics and publishing industries. One of its clients is a Shanghai-based financial institution which it helped with its debt collection efforts.

Accom-Oz Contact Solutions

Accom-Oz Contact Solutions assists SMEs in achieving their goal sooner through the provision of Virtual PA, Switchboard, Administration Task and even whole department outsourcing.

Accom-Oz exists to help businesses cope up with the increasing demands of operations in the 21st century. With customers’ expectations increasing and evolving by the minute, businesses need to turn to a professional that can provide them with the necessary solutions to continuously grow and expand. Accom-Oz is a virtual partner for businesses looking to operate 24/7 or needs more manpower to meet the demands of their daily operations. 

This Australian company operates through its offices in various locations around the world. It has a presence in the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and New York. It is through these locations that the company is able to offer its clients with its full range of BPO solutions. 

Accom-Oz caters to those businesses that need an answering service, reservations & guest relations support, back-office administration and revenue management among others. 


Dynata can deliver the actual voice of the individual at scale to market researchers, marketers and advertisers. With quality data to spark quality insights, more businesses around the globe can gain the advantages they need to innovate, grow and compete.

Established in 1999 by Hal Brierley and Mort Meyerson, Dynata is a BPO company that went through transitions as it further developed. The company was initially called E-Rewards, Inc., and through their acquisition of Survey Sampling International in 2017, both parties agreed in merging into one company and changed their name to Dynata. 

Dynata focuses on data collection and online sampling. Part of these services are insights, voice services, survey programming, campaign effectiveness, online qualitative, advanced analytics, data processing, advertising services and brand trackers. They extend their market to industries in automotive, financial, healthcare, political and technology. 

Dynata was awarded a patent for connected data capabilities and Top 3 Most Innovative Data and Analytics Company.  

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