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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in San Antonio, TX 2021

The business process outsourcing industry has increased significantly over the past years. According to studies, the industry is currently valued at more than $90 billion. This figure is increasing, though, due to the ever-growing need of business for a reliable BPO partner that will boost corporate productivity and increase revenue. 

Recently, BPO companies grew not only internationally but locally in the US. With internet-based services, BPOs range from large size companies to small freelancing startups. One of the biggest benefits businesses can get from BPOs is that they can outsource their non-core processes, which then provides better flexibility in allocating resources to areas that need more focus. 

This is made possible because BPOs have access to innovations that companies normally have no exposure to. Clients also save unnecessary expenses from corporate taxations and avoid lawsuits brought about by mismanaged accounting and miscalculated operations. 

Hence, it is vital for business owners to integrate their services with a business process outsourcing firm. Here is a list of the best BPO companies in San Antonio, Texas.  

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in San Antonio, TX 2021


Xerox innovative products, services and processes advance the sustainability effort by delivering social, financial and environmental benefits. They do this in their own operations, as well as in workplaces, communities and cities around the world.

Xerox, a document technology company, launched their business process outsourcing arm called Conduent in 2016. Conduent focuses on providing transportation solutions, customer care and healthcare payer and provider solutions. With a revenue of over $7 billion in its first year in operations and with 96,000 employees worldwide, Xerex foresees Conduent as a Fortune 500 company in the years to come.  

Conduent provides business operations solutions, commercial healthcare solutions, customer experience management, government solutions, HR services, Legal and compliance solutions, and transportation solutions to clients. 

Xerox Conduent caters to all business sectors including some US government entities. They currently have over 40 branches worldwide catering to different companies around the globe.  

Connexion Point

Connexion Point builds technology-enabled solutions for the healthcare industry. They connect the healthcare industry to consumers, and consumers to their healthcare by connecting advanced data and analytics, dynamic technology, and cutting edge industry knowledge into comprehensive, and responsive, customized solutions.

Connexion Point is a business process outsourcing company focused on providing healthcare transaction solutions for clients. They build technology-abled solutions for the healthcare industry by providing their own proprietary technology. 

Their services include providing clients with their proprietary tech, a connection hub called XE, which connects client systems, data, individuals and applications through secure connectivity. They also provide data analytics which is integrated into the XE’s system for easy access by the clients. 

The Connexion team is available 24/7 to immediately take care of concerns. Connexion Point has worked with numerous  top industry names such as Aetna, Anthem, Coventry, (24)7, Johns Hopkins, CareSource, Healthspire, blue Cross Blue Shield and Connecture.  

Heritage BPO

Heritage BPO LLC was established in 2019 and every day, they go help make the world a little better. They impress customers with the help of technology that makes companies profit. They are also a pioneering expert to manage their clients back office.

Heritage BPO is a business process outsourcing firm founded in 2019 in San Antonio. They handle non-core business processes for clients which includes back-office processes, sales support, IT and accounts management. 

Their services include back-office processing, settlements, clearance, record upkeep, administrative consistence, bookkeeping, IT services, customer care, web development, SEO, software testing and QA, system support, digital marketing and web application development, and technical support. 

To date, Heritage BPO provides its services to the telecom, financial, healthcare, ecommerce and software industries.  


DATAMARK provides a wide range of outsourced back-office services, including call center services, high-volume digital mailroom and mail center management, and data entry, document processing and document management.

Founded in 1989 in El Paso, DataMark is a business process outsourcing company that serves Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and large enterprises. They specialize in end to end ECM solutions for organizations and have contact centers in the U.S., Mexico and India. 

DataMark provides a wide range of back-office processes including contact centers, digital mailroom automation, business re-engineering, data capture solutions, imaging and document scanning services, accounts payable outsourcing and accounts receivable solutions, document storage and retrieval, document processing services, enterprise content management and freight processing services. 

 DataMark caters to the healthcare, transportation, banking and financial services, retail and manufacturing, insurance outsourcing, energy and government entities sectors.  

Santana Group

The Santana Group of companies is providing innovative outsourcing solutions to organizations across all industries. They have established a presence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, providing cross-border staffing solutions to Mexican enterprises and U.S. companies conducting business in Mexico.

Santana Group is composed of the following outsourcing companies: Integrated Human Capital, Workforce Management, Diversa, Forma Automotive and Oveana. Their services range from outsourced staffing services to outsource business process solutions. Santana’s BPO arm is Oveana, a BPO company composed of lean six sigma trained business engineers and consultants. 

Their services include digital mailroom services, document management, document processing, scanning and imaging, data capture and contact center services. 

Oveana’s industry focus is in the automotive, energy and utilities, financial and banking, government entities, healthcare, insurance, retail and manufacturing and transportation services sectors.  

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