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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Seattle, WA 2024

Businesses must stay afloat, especially during trying times. There are many ways to cut costs. One of which is to outsource some aspects of the business. A survey revealed that 59% are driven by this fact to proceed with outsourcing tasks. Business process outsourcing firms really give their clients greater value over their dollars as they can deliver quality work at a reasonable price.

Aside from this, there are other advantages linked to outsourcing. It was found that 28% of companies that partner with a BPO firm are given the opportunity to tap into a new pool of intellectual capital while 31% of businesses experienced some type of improvement in the quality of their operations. Companies are already seeing the potential and have started investing in such partnerships.

Outsourcing also allows companies to focus in more important aspects of the business. As BPO companies take over tasks like customer service, it gives businesses more time to develop and perfect their product or service.

Businesses looking for a BPO partner in Seattle should look at these companies as potential partners.

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Seattle, WA 2024

Opus Virtual Offices

Opus Virtual Offices has over 650 locations. Virtual services offer a way to improve business & reduce overhead.

Opus offers affordable packages to businesses looking to outsource some operational tasks without sacrificing quality. Its bread & butter solution? A virtual office. The company defines a virtual office as a smart low-cost alternative to setting up a traditional office and filling it with employees. It functions in a similar manner as that of physical office spaces. However, it allows people employed by the business to work remotely and tap talent from all over the world. 

The company offers services including answering calls with a live human receptionist, corporate mailing address, conversion of voice mails and fax into emails and premium call transferring. These services allow businesses to expand while it is still trying to save up for better investments.

The company is located in the most accessible cities in the world including California, Washington, Florida, Puerto Rico, Ontario and Alberta.

C9 Digital

C9 Digital's approach is to combine creative and analytical thinking to empower its clients to achieve market domination and success within their industry.

C9 helps businesses in picking the best outsourcing partner in the Philippines. The company describes itself as a full boutique consultancy specializing in determining the best way for its clients to invest in certain BPOs. 

The company offers solutions like outsourcing strategy consultation, digital marketing outsourcing services, artificial intelligence (AI) & chatbot strategy consulting, chatbot full-stack programming services, HR outsourcing and investment strategy consulting.

Pop band Meryl tapped the BPO company when it realized that there are opportunities it can harvest from digital marketing. The band initially used the traditional method used by local bands to create a name for themselves and market their music. C9 provided Meryl a hand in creating a digital marketing plan that includes maximizing the full potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The project helped the band achieve 53,935 unique views and 2,600 likes on their music video. The digital marketing effort also allowed them to improve their statistics on streaming platform Spotify. The band has since seen 20,000 streams that included them in the Spotify Top 40.

The company also provided solutions to Propel RC, Juan Life, Kampai Sushi Bar and Palaya.


Responza provides clients with an increased level of IT support and service, compared to that which large corporations receive from entire IT departments, without the expense of full-time staff.

Seattle-based Responza was formed to help SMEs that need enterprise-grade IT services, consultation and planning. The company understands that technology is an essential ingredient for business success in the 21st century. With its knowledge of networking, applications, software and licensing, its clients can be at peace knowing that Responza has these things covered. 

The IT solutions offered by Responza include managed services, cloud solutions, technology consulting and cybersecurity. The company also provides infrastructure & server engineering, server solutions and data backup & recovery. It takes pride that its solutions provide small businesses access to experts they would have not had a chance to work with given their budget restrictions. 

Responza started in Seattle in 2005. It has since expanded into other locations including Bellevue and Tacoma in Washington and a location in the East Coast - Charleston, South Carolina.

STAT Medical Billing Service

STAT Medical Billing Service is committed to personalized, friendly customer service, professionalism and contributing to its client's bottom line.

STAT Medical Billing Service supports businesses that need help with processing EHR billing statements. Its founder possesses several years of experience in billing nursing homes and home health care, as well as transacting with in-patient and out-patient hospital surgeries and ASC. 

The company also takes pride in its exceptional record of dealing with insurance companies. It was able to win over the insurance provider after said firm had an overpayment request totaling more than $15,000.00. The company overcame the insistent demand from the insurance company by lodging a complaint through the proper channels -- CMS, provider relations, the insurance commission and the Congress. 

STAT Medical Billing provides its clients with all the needed services to ease their concerns with billing issues. The company is composed of professionals who are all knowledgeable about dealing with different concerns of the industry. It also makes use of available technology to achieve thorough documentation, accuracy and speed in completing projects.

Seattle Sidekick

Seattle Sidekick is a professional concierge for businesses. It takes care of everyday tasks that its clients don’t have time to do.

Seattle Sidekick is for businesses on the hunt for a professional concierge to support them in everyday operations. Its services include event & party planning, doctor appointment setting, contact management, email correspondence, copywriting, content development and social media content. 

Seattle Sidekick kickstarts any project with a request from its client. A call is then scheduled to discuss matters of the task and the expectations of both the BPO company and its client. From there, the company will oversee all the next steps that were discussed during the briefing. 

The company has served all types of clients. It helped a service-based business improve its operational standing. Seattle Sidekick provided supported the business with services like scheduling & confirming appointments, managing its calendar, responding to client inquiries and developing a template for routine client correspondence. 

Seattle Sidekick also worked with a client who wanted to spend more free time on weekends. It provided the client with solutions like returning unwanted purchases, taking the dog to grooming, scheduling a yard service and researching transportation for a trip to France.

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