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Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Washington, DC 2021

Business process outsourcing is growing in popularity today due to the many benefits businesses can get from it. BPO helps companies boost productivity as it ensures the workforce is designated to the right job responsibility suited to their respective skills and experiences. It also reduces expenses while ensuring all government compliance requirements are kept in place. 

As years develop and with the introduction of modern technology, BPO platforms have branched out progressively. A study states that the BPO industry has an annual growth rate of 4.4% and has reached revenues of $140.3 billion. 

This shows that businesses are relying more than ever with BPO agencies as this brings in greater revenues and improves the overall efficiencies of corporate functions. Aside from that, it also frees up time and effort of employees as the agency takes over highly-specialized functions that ensures utmost accuracy. 

Hence, it is vital for companies to work with a BPO firm. Here are some of the best BPOs in Washington, DC.  

Best Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Washington, DC 2021

Morae Global

Morae Global is trusted worldwide to transform legal, risk and compliance through results-oriented and technology-enabled solutions, and reinvent the legal function as an efficient and integral part of the business value chain.

Established in 2005, Morae Global is a BPO company that is composed of professional experts in the legal industry. Their specializations are defined as a full service, technology-enabled and integrated solution provider on legal and compliance services on a global scale.  

The company focuses on information management and discovery, business solutions, legal contracts and content management. Morae Global works mostly with financial services, pharmaceuticals, energy and law firms. 

Due to the company’s outstanding services, Morae Global has been given recognition by  the IACCM, Aggie 100, Stevie Awards and the Legal Innovation Awards. They are also ISO 27001-certified.  

Augustus International Enterprises Medical Management

AIE Medical Management is uniquely positioned to help in improving financial performance whether it’s compliance, multiple payer contracts, Medicare regulations, shrinking reimbursements, escalating costs or keeping up with coding requirements.

AIEMM is a BPO company that focuses on e-commerce services. They are also considered as a worldwide shopping platform promoting the sales of international products. 

Their work was not limited to as sellers and customer platforms but has advanced to providing outsourcing services to private agencies, government agencies, wholesale product services,  solutions services, business to business connections, virtual assistants and management catering to medical-related services.  

They provide support and solutions to medical professionals’ tasks such as billing and financial statements that are made convenient to clients. Part of their services offered are medical coding, practice management, practice support, medical transcription, virtual medical scribe, white label services, coding automation toolkit, medical billing and contracting services.  

The company has partnered with notable companies such as CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Kareo Connect Partner and Alkin Global Technologies Private Limited.  

DC Medical Services

DC Medical Services is a professional billing service dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of every practice. They offer a variety of highly personalized services that can improve cash flow and lower operating expenses.

DC Medical Services is a BPO company that caters and supports medical billing services and insurances. They are available 24/7 so that their clients may reach them at any time. 

The company serves a wide variety of specialty and personalized services. They have strategically distributed their client base so that they can accommodate their clients' interaction to a one-on-one approach, giving them direct and complete attention. They use Certified EMR software that helps them improve their services become fast and reliable. 

DC Medical Services offers creative collection solutions, electronic fund transfer, patient assessment, transportation services, document management and remote backup services.   


Enlightened, Inc. is an award-winning, HUBZone certified, Information Technology (IT) and Management Consulting firm dedicated to helping their clients achieve success in meeting their objectives and solving their problems.

Enlightened is an Information Technology Solutions consulting and BPO firm that is focused on management consulting, cybersecurity, software development and integration and industry-specific solutions.  

They have partnered with notable companies and clients such as Virtual Enterprise Architects, DXC Technology, PMCS Management, IT & Staffing Solutions, Myriddian Health & IT Solutions, JASINT Consulting & Technologies and Nextwave. This partnership has enabled them to incorporate the right solutions to business and technical problems faced by their clients.  

The company is HUBZone certified and is an award-winning provider of IT management consulting. Their services that have pre-approved special rates by the General Service Administration are general services administration schedules, government certifications, government-wide acquisition contracts and indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contracts.  

Day Translations

Day Translations offer professional translation services, localization & interpretation solutions for legal, medical, finance, IT & other industries. Their translation company is driven by their passion for languages.

DayTranslations was founded in 2007 by Mr. Sean Hopwood, who is also the current President and CEO of the company. They are a BPO firm that works on global scale communications, translations and interpretation services.  

The company offers translation services, certified translations services, interpreting services, transcription services, localization services, business services and web services. They also cover a variety of services in different industries such as banking, healthcare, technology, legal, travel, manufacturing, retail and the public sector.  

The firm has worked with notable companies like Facebook, Amazon, AT&T, Mahindra, TESLA, Bay Care, Fox News, United Nations, TED, Bank of America, Nickelodeon, HBO, MSNBC and H&M.  

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